Thursday, July 23, 2009


Waving hello, my lovelies!
That time of the week to prepare a new luscious adventure in eating for your special Afternoon Delight!
Today, I have a light, light, light suggestion for you.
First, a subtle white wine of light alcohol. After all, you must return to work after your grande little affaire, no? I suggest this week a savignon blanc. (A crisp change from a chardonnay, which may not appeal to your Delight. Too girly, oui?)
Chill it well. Four hours, at least.
Then, because up here in the northern climes it is soon to be hot hot hot summer, let's cool off after our affair with soup. Oh, yes. Do stay with me!
A subtle gaspacho of (ready?) two large tomatoes, half a green pepper, half an orange pepper, half a yellow onion, green tops of 2 scallions, all diced. Add to this, one can of tomato juice (or V-8, if you're into that), a dash of tabasco, salt to taste! Stir in at the last moment before your Delight arrives, a handful of torn (not cut, but hand torn) parsley. Charming because it adds more color, more drama, bella!
You are done! Add a few croutons, if you wish. Serve in lovely little cups and do spoon out the delicious treat to each other!
Until next Thursday, CIAO!


Amber Skyze said...

This might be perfect for the rains we're getting here in the Northeast. :)

Fran Lee Romance said...


Helen Hardt said...

Sounds wonderful! I've actually never made my own pesto. I think it's time to rememdy that!