Sunday, May 30, 2010

In the mood?

With CARRIED AWAY debuting Wednesday over at EC, I am in the mood for great books. And writing!
Debuting a new novel is always a treat. But when you love the cover (THE major marketing vehicle), it makes the life of an author easier.
After all, an author's main job is writing...and reading others' works. Time spent promoting is viable but wow, does it need to be useful and practical. Else you spend more time doing that than getting the real job done!
Currently, I am deep into writing 3 novels at the same time:
The first is the second of my erotic Regency series (The Stanhope Challenge) coming out over at Resplendence, LADY FEATHERSTONE's FERVENT AFFAIRE is a menage I am having a delicious time finishing.
The second I write is HAT TRICK, one of the COUGAR CHALLENGE series I was invited to join by those authors of yummy younger men stories. This too is a menage! (See a pattern???)
And the other I develop is part of my series with that talented author and good buddy of mine, Desiree Holt! We soon launch a series at EC that is ROMANTIC THRILLER!!! Yes. Color us unique! Not too many authors can pull off a thriller. WE HAVE 6 of them coming from EC. The first? UNTIL THE DAWN should be coming out in July or August! Stay tuned.
In the meantime?
Do enjoy the second in my IRRESISTIBLE FORCES series from EC, CARRIED AWAY.
Here security expert Grant Warwick goes to Venice for a meeting with a Dubai sheik to finalize a business deal to protect his new museum, only to find the love-'em-and-leave him woman he adored, Coco Dalton. She's apologetic, needy and still the cutest trick in bad shoe leather he has ever seen.
What's a guy to do when he cannot resist the lady with the big problem and the baddest dude out to get her?
Grant takes on the challenge, of course. Saving her pretty ass from her nemesis--and for himself is the Job One for this charming and tormented man.
Do treat yourself to CARRIED AWAY Wednesday, June 2.
Caio, bella! Enjoy the trip to Venice, Paris, Jerusalem and Naples!

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