Saturday, June 19, 2010

Want to listen? HER THREE-WAY MERGER releases 6.28 from EC

I am tickled to tell you that the audio of my menage, HER THREE-WAY MERGER debuts next Monday June 28 over at EC!
This is such a delight to know that actors will speak my dialogue, my words, my actions. I can barely contain myself.
As a tidbit, I thought I would post an excerpt for you.
Doncha just love being teased?
Sexy exec Sienna Galvan never mixes business with pleasure until she calls a meeting with the two hunky football stars who used to be her next door neighbors and her teenage fantasies. But Cord and Tate Ryder take one look at how sweet little Sienna has grown in to an irresistibly luscious lady and they make her an offer she can’t refuse--three-way negotiations on their sofa, their yacht--and their bed. Thrilling to their risqué explorations of her body, she revels in having them both at her command, together and separately. But when they drive a harder bargain than she imagined, she must find a way to do what’s right for her business and what’s best for her heart.
Excerpt: (copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand. All rights reserved.)

Sienna Galvan pulled into the circular drive of Cord and Tate Ryders’ sprawling Texas Gulf Coast hacienda and promised herself for the hundredth time she would cement this deal fast. Then she’d get the hell out of the brothers’ infamous lair with her contract signed. “No matter what,” she vowed and flicked off the ignition to her new little red BMW.
Dropping the keys in her briefcase, she snatched up her suit coat from the passenger seat and stretched up to check herself out in her rearview mirror.
Golden eyes twinkled back at her in gleeful anticipation of meeting the two men whom she’d last seen twelve years ago. She pressed her full lips together, loving the satin feel of the new cherry lipstick that added zing to her little white blouse and body-hugging black suit. She glanced at her bright red fingernails and wiggled her toes peaking out of the pricey stiletto black pumps. Going for the classy look, she’d even pulled up her cinnamon hair in a French twist.
No detail spared for the boys who used to live next door.
She swung her long legs out of the car and stood to don her coat. Eyes on the Ryders’ umber wooden front door, she ran her palms down the lightweight cotton skirt that fitted her curves to a tailored-T and grabbed her briefcase.
The rambling ochre-and-emerald-trimmed house hugged the sandy Gulf shore of the Ryder brothers’ one hundred acre private beach. For two men who had grown up in a blue-collar neighborhood and made themselves into two of the richest bachelors in Texas, Cord and Tate had done well. They had done it with their bodies as linemen for two national football teams.
I did it with my body too.
But not by blocking passes from boys. Oh, no. That hadn’t happened to her until she lost her baby fat at eighteen doing hot yoga and earning her way and saving every penny she could to buy her own salon and spa in Houston. That success, built on her instinctive abilities to read men’s intentions, now led her to the doorstep of the thrill-me-with-one-look Ryder brothers.
She pulled herself up to her full five-foot-ten, then walked toward the beautifully carved door. Yes, she definitely felt confident with her plans to play up the CEO image on a toned body the Ryder brothers couldn’t remember.
“But after we negotiate this, you boys will never forget me.” She lifted the brass knocker and let it fall once with a resounding thud. Inhaling the fragrance of the purple bougainvilleas climbing the porch, she let their aroma infuse her with serenity about this carefully planned meeting.
For more than a month, she’d prepared her logic and her paperwork for this encounter with the brothers who had been her childhood friends and her adolescent fantasy lovers.
But that’s changed now.
Now they were men she was going to buy land from. Period.
Impatient to make that happen, she knocked again. This time, she heard a bass voice say a few words to another and she held her breath.
But she lost it when the door swung wide and the man standing there was so much better than her memories or her wet dreams.
Cord Ryder blocked out all else. He was the pale blond older giant of the duo, big, buff and golden tan. But she had forgotten how even at her height he dwarfed her, towering over her with his sharp winged brows and his wide lush mouth. The Viking, everyone called him for his ability to overpower his quarry. With muscles so massive, he looked like he wore armor beneath his clothes.
His crystal blue eyes blinked in surprise. “Sienna? Is that you?”
She nodded, grinning at how luscious he looked. Damn, I’ve gotta stop eating him up with my eyes. Where is that cool exec I vowed to be?
She put out her hand to shake his. “Cord, wonderful to see you.” May I see you without the navy polo and khakis?
He grasped her hand and drew her forward. “Not as much as I am delighted to see you, honey.” He grinned, flashing his white teeth and the darling dimple in his left cheek. She wanted to kiss him there, just like she had when she’d been sixteen and horny to have him feel her up. “What a sight,” he crooned as he lifted her arm in the air and had her turn in a three-sixty. “Your real estate agent told us you were a beauty but he didn’t do you justice. I need a hug.” He dragged her into his demanding embrace.
Overwhelmed, she dropped her briefcase to the floor as she opened her arms to the undeniable attraction this man held for her. He pressed his six-foot-six honed wall of muscle against her, his warm hands spanning her back and molding her flesh to his. This close she felt the steely ridge of his cock and her pussy dampened in creamy delight.
“Let me see those eyes, honey. I always loved the gold.” Cord lifted her chin. His gaze, the translucent blue of the Caribbean, flowed into hers with hot intent. “Wait ’til Tate sees you.” Cord winked. “We’ll wish we’d invited you sooner to come visit.”
(Copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
I have listened to many other Audio books, especially when I go for my daily walk! Enjoy!


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the pending audio release. Very exciting.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Amber, Thanks for this!
I love audios--and at the gym? I have to turn down the volumen lest others think I for too damn many reasons!