Friday, July 30, 2010

Last tempting bite out of SUMMER OF THE COUGAR

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Excerpt: Copyright 2010, Nicole Austin. All rights reserved.
JD stepped into the doorway, still fully dressed, her panties dangling from his fingertips. He leaned against the doorframe, lifted the material to his face and took a deep breath. He looked so damn sexy. And for the night, he was hers.
Every muscle tensed and Rissa swore she felt his hard exhaled breath against the throbbing flesh between her thighs. She trembled in expectation as he leaned casually in the doorway, his gaze leisurely traveling over every inch of bare skin. How the hell did he remain so calm and collected when she felt like a tightly wound coil ready to snap?
Without a word, he straightened and took a slow step forward. The heat of his dark gaze never left her as he moved closer. Fisting his shirt, he tugged the material free of his jeans and dragged it up his body. Mesmerized by his movements, not even a bomb blast would have drawn her attention from the tanned flesh revealed inch by torturously slow inch.
Chiseled muscles rippled over his washboard abdomen. Her gaze followed the solid planes and angles as his torso broadened into a magnificent chest with solid pecs and flat, dark nipples she hungered to touch, to taste. Mmm…she’d love to lick every swirling line of that sexy tattoo covering the beefy muscles of his left arm. A light dusting of dark hair on his chest narrowed to a thin line disappearing beneath the waistband of his jeans.
God, the worn denim had driven her to distraction all afternoon. Faded blue, almost white near his groin, slung low on trim hips and cupping his muscular thighs to perfection.
He stayed still as she looked him over. As their eyes met, Rissa became lost in the intense fires burning in the dark pools. No man had ever looked at her with such undiluted longing. It did funny things to her insides. Thousands of butterflies took flight in her belly and her heart felt stretched, swollen with a barrage of emotions.
His hands slid over his abdomen and her gaze dropped to watch dexterous fingers work the fastener and draw down the zipper. JD leaned over, blocking her view as he pulled the denim toward his bare feet. Shoes she hadn’t noticed him kick off lay on the floor near the doorway.
Tossing his pants to the side, JD rose to his full height and Rissa nearly swallowed her tongue. Sweet Jesus! She may have taken on more than she could handle. But what a damn good time she’d have giving it her all.
His thick, ruddy shaft hung heavily between his widespread legs. Roped with plump veins and capped with a broad crown, a bead of fluid glistened at the slit. But what drove her crazy was the gold, open hoop with small balls capping each end that pierced his crown.
Rissa’s mouth went dry for a moment before flooding with saliva as she imagined taking his beautiful cock in her mouth. And her pussy—Christ! Her pussy clenched and hot cream slid over sensitive tissues to coat her inner thighs as she contemplated the wonderful friction of her body stretching to accommodate that big cock. Before the night was over she intended to know how that piercing felt thrusting into her aching body.
Long fingers fisted his shaft, tugging upward and giving her a glimpse of the hefty sac drawn up close to his body.
“JD,” she pleaded, unable to lift her gaze from the solid fist squeezing and gliding over his cock. Thankfully he understood and took the last few steps bringing him to the edge of the mattress.
Rissa couldn’t remain still or wait any longer. She’d waited too long for this. Her body took over, moving before the conscious thought formed in her head. His hand dropped away as her fingers slid over the hot, silken skin, her fingertips learning his shape, tracing pulsing veins. Over the super-smooth head, around the thick ridge, against a spot on the underside where the hoop disappeared. A spot that made the thick flesh jerk within her grasp.
Her fingers barely met around the shaft beneath his crown. As she slid her hand farther her fist was forced wider, fingertips losing contact at the substantial base. She leaned in closer, closed her eyes and took a deep breath, drinking in his heady scent. He smelled hot and masculine, like long steamy nights.
Opening her eyes, she met his heavy-lidded gaze as she stuck out her tongue and captured the fluid dripping from his slit. He cursed as she hummed in appreciation of his salty male flavor then lightly tugged his piercing. One small taste wasn’t enough. She wanted—needed more.
Rissa held his gaze as her tongue circled the head, quickly becoming addicted to the invigorating taste of JD, spice and pure sin. She knelt on the bed before him, breathless, holding the hard length in her hand, drawing the large head into her mouth. A riot of energy surged through her, making her feel more alive than she had in years—wild, feminine, powerful. She moaned, sucked at his crest and flicked her tongue on the sensitive spot underneath. The sharp hiss she drew from him sent excited shivers racing along her spine.
JD’s fingers bunched in her hair, flexed, tightened. The slight bite of pain made her scalp tingle and she sucked harder.
“Rissa.” His voice had turned rough, raspy. The command in his tone had her gaze snapping to his face. “Stop.”
Stop? She didn’t want to stop. Her mouth watered to suck him deeper. She swallowed hard, hungering for the hot wash of his cum in the back of her throat.
“Lay back on the bed and spread your legs, baby.”
Oh, okay. That sounded promising.

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