Friday, August 12, 2011

Joy Ride~You need one! Desiree Holt's got one!

Another long lovely trip into romantic fantasy with Desiree Holt!
The set up?
As her thirtieth birthday approaches Emma Blake takes a bold step to shake up her very proper life – she goes to a rock club for the first time in her life and is instantly drawn to Marc, Malone, the electrifying bass player in the band. Throwing caution to the winds she goes home with him, something the “proper” Emma would never have done. Stunned by the erotic night they spend together, Emma also feels an emotional connection forming, and she’s frightened by the intensity of everything. So frightened she refuses to tell Marc her name. But not so frightened she doesn’t go back again. And again. And again. At night she loses herself in his arms. By day she’s fighting not only the confusion in her mind but the fallout from her former lover and from her family, who can’t understand what’s happening to her. As the band’s career is about to take a huge leap forward, an event causes Emma to run from Marc and from the love growing between them. Can she get past her hangups and reach for the joy ride of her life?

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