Monday, September 12, 2011

Our drought, our fears

Here in south Texas our drought continues and takes a disastrous toll. On cattle ranchers, farmers. On businesses.
But also on the animals.
Here are Mama and Baby in our back yard, which normally this time of year does have tall grasses. Crisp, brown but tall.  Now? Not so much.
And there is, trust me, not a drop to drink out there for the creatures of the earth. Soon, we wonder if we ourselves will stand in water lines. (FYI, we have had no rain, nada, zip, zilch since...ready?...APRIL.)
But I digress.
We worry about our furry friends.
And do we dare put out water for them to drink?
Well, the situation is so desperate here that if we did put out water in any container, not only would we have every coyote, bobcat, deer and armadillo within a hundred miles, but it would create a competition in our back yard. Of a disastrous and bloody kind.
Enjoy the picture.
Worry about us down in gasping, boiling, dry as a bone Texas.

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