Thursday, May 31, 2012

I get a kick out of sheriffs, ranchers, cowboys and big bold Texas men!

When you think of a cowboy, do you see a lean hipped, swaggering kind of man? Tough from the saddle? Hard in the desert? (snort.) Quick on the draw?
I see him as BIG, as in muscular and BEEFY. yum.
I see him as gruff-voiced, dark stubble on his square jaw. Kind of like this man:
I see him as deft with his gun.
Like this man:
And tender like these brothers most surely are:
And fiercely funny, like this Texas Ranger in STRONG ARMS OF THE LAW:
And a serious business man who runs the local rodeo, like this man in FALLING FAST:
See all my men, cowboys or city-slickers, here:
What does your western man look like?

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