Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspiration: pix or words? My book 99 cents on Amazon for limited time!

This is my weapon, this is my gun.
One is for fighting, one is for fun.
Saw this picture to the left and said, wow, where do I enlist?
In my case, as an author, I enlist by creating a new story. (Please let me expand the day to 48 hours to write all the inspirations that come to me!)
In my case, I am definitely inspired by pictures.
Take this one, for example.
IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR POCKET? has a cover that I saw as a raw pre-made one. I had no story prior to looking at it. But when I saw it, the first words that popped into my head were these famous ones uttered by Mae West. The rest of the story, a western with a bit of comedy and some suspense, came to me like lightning!
Only until July 6, this book is FREE on AMAZON!
That's right 0.00 dollars!
Get yours today.
Need more inspiration?

A Sheriff, A Hot Gal and his gun.
What’s a girl to do when she has the hots for the local sheriff—and he’s playing it cool? Mae Montaine knows the man has a gun in his pocket and he’s always happy to see her.
So why won’t he come over and see her sometime…for a date? A hug? A kiss? More?
West Farraday yearns for the All-American knock-out who lives next door, but Mae’s got problems and secrets. He’d love to help her out…of her problems. And her clothes. Then into his bed.
When timing seems right, West makes his move. He’s happier than a colt in clover.
Mae’s skeptical they can make it as a couple. After all, town gossip says the good sheriff is hard on the ladies.
But when three bad coyotes invade Mae’s life, West tries to prove to her that a man who’s hard in the sack can be easy to love.

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