Wednesday, May 8, 2013

STEAL ME AWAY, out today! Stolen by a Comanche chief! YUM!
The prequel to my KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series, STEAL ME AWAY is a book I had a wonderful time researching.
And lemme just say, yammers to the cover artist who captured (ahem) BULL ELK so well. Fancy Turner, too!
He is delicious, I think, in print and in person.
Imagine. Being stolen and loving every second of it...almost!
The Comanche of the south Texas plains were not gentle people. In fact, they were to many the most fierce, the angriest ones to confront the Anglos and Tejanos who came to settle here.
Because very few Comanche remain, I had a devil of a time researching.
But let's here it for my hubbie who, while on TDY in Oklahoma, found the most marvelous reference on them.
I had read bits and snatches in other books devoted to other subjects, but here in STEAL ME AWAY, you learn (really you do!) what I learned. And it is historically accurate, down to the last few chapters...which I will unmercifully tease you with and say, you must read to learn!
Bull Elk is one of my most favorite heroes...and I hope you agree!

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