Thursday, August 21, 2014

NEW cover for my SEALs book, BURNING FOR NERO...after Amazon put him in jail with that other cover!

Judging a book by its cover has new meaning now that Amazon is our Moral Arbiter and removes books from its search engines to La La Land...based on how they feel about hands across a bare breast and a little bit of butt cheek.
Let's call it the Zon B&B moral imperative!
Could they please talk to HBO, SHOWTIME and STARZ where I see more A$$ and that Other Stuff than I see on the Italy!
What do you think of NERO?
I like chest.
I lick chest.
I crave chest.
And whities.
And hair on the arms.
And just in case you need to see what Amazon thinks is erotic, take a look at the old cover with Cass on the front too.
SAME BUY LINK at Zon at Bare B&B cover:

AND TO SKIP AMAZON altogether is protest, buy your books elsewhere.
At you can buy what you want without moral imperatives.
Kobo. Check.
iTunes. Rock and roll.
And if you have a Nook, buy it there too.
Happiness is being your own moral judge of what to buy.

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