Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cerise went to #Paris! It's #research #champagne #chocolate #France #romance and my Pictures!

Yes, dahlinks, I went off to Paris!
USA's 100th Anniversary of WWI
Drop me a comment here about what you'd bring back!
A French comte or marquis?
All of the above???
Me, too.
Here are a few of my pictures from trips past!
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Mr. DeLand and I at a chateau along the River Marne
when we spent two and a half weeks trailing the American Expeditionary Forces battle lines of 1917-1918.
Did you realize that the 100th anniversary of American involvement in WWI occurs now?
Center Hall in Opera Garnier, Paris!
Josephine's Malmaison in Parisian countryside, her dining room!
This charming church is in Varennes, France (near Verdun) where the French king, Louis XVI and his wife
Marie Antoinette and their two children took refuge in 1791. Sadly, they were caught by the villagers
and returned to Paris where they died at the guillotine.
Once the House of Worth stood in this #7 Rue de la Paix near the Opera Garner in Paris!
Cathedral of St. Peter on fashionable Rue di Rivoli in Paris

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