Monday, March 23, 2009


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Here is a tempting sample:
“Don’t you ever stop working?” he asked in that rough bass that made her yearn for his lips all over her.
She looked him straight in the eye and wished she were at liberty to admire him at her leisure. He made her mouth water and her whole body tingle. She swallowed back shivering need and tried to sound rational when she said, “I’ve stayed in this business by pushing ahead, no matter the time of day.”
He tipped his head toward the window, a twinkle in his gaze. “Or night.”
She smiled, turning away once more at the rockets going off in her head not to get chummy with a man who was her employee. “Engineering is still a man’s world.”
“But you,” he murmured, “can show them how strong women compete.”
And at the rough velvet seduction in his voice, she spun her head toward him. He was focused on her breasts—and the increasing rapidity of her breath.
“Don’t—” She urged herself to sound more like the boss.
“I can’t help but admire you.” He sat forward, his huge hands opening on the conference table that stood between them. “All that red hair—and killer figure. All that spunk. You’re a commanding woman, Mandy.”
His compliments flooded her with new wet needs. “No one,” she breathed, “calls me that.” No one for four years. “And no one who works for me should.”
“But I will. Must. Tonight. While the pilot and the navigator prepare for landing.” He reached over, his fingers feathering hers to divest her of her laptop. “Put this away.” Then, he wrapped both his large hands around her wrists and pulled her around the table toward him. “Before you start negotiations, you need to relearn your own strength.”
She opened her mouth to protest, but he shook his head and settled her onto his lap. With one big palm to the small of her back to support her, he used his other hand to trace her earlobe, the line of her jaw, the bow of her upper lip. She quivered in anticipation as he whispered, “You’re going to be in a room full of Arab sheiks. Men who know how to size up a woman. Learn what she needs,” he thumbed her lower lip, “what she wants, how to satisfy her, keep her eager, willing, all night, all day.”
Amanda inched closer, craving the comfort this man was offering, aching for him to stroke her with those agile hands. “We’re there on business—”
“Their business,” he pointed out with a touch to her nose, “is to see if a woman is vulnerable.” His body heat invaded her skin, warming her in a slow simmer of desire. “I don’t want them to find any weakness. You don’t either.”
Her eyes drifted closed. Her heart overflowed with gratitude that this man could instinctively understand this one huge fear of hers. “No, I need to win this contract.”
“You need to not only feel strong, but be strong.”
“Invincible.” She let her head fall back and sighed. She had been so gutsy when her husband Paul was alive and wild in her arms—and her bed. He had taught her how to ask for what she wanted—and demand it, too. “I need to recapture that.”
“I know how to help.” Jake spanned his fingers along the column of her throat and stroked down. “You need to match a man who is your equal. And you haven’t had that challenge in a while, have you?”

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