Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Bite of My New Cherry: MIA DOLCE out April 15!

Everyone needs a bite of a new sweet. MIA DOLCE, my newest morsel, is just that.
Debuting from Ellora's Cave, aka on Tax Day, you will want to thrill yourself with this tasty treat about a lonely American cookbook author who wants to cook up a few good nights in the arms of a tempting Italian duke.
But when Sergio Avanti wants Reggie DeMaio to come to his castello in Tuscany, he has a few more pleasures in mind than those found in his kitchen.

Here's one bite for you:

“Take that blouse off completely. You are killing me, you know?” He lifted his chin toward her. And when she let the cloth fall to the floor, he murmured, “The skirt now, cara.”
She went slowly, loving the look of his infatuation with her. Would she remember this when she was alone and lonely in her apartment next week and the next…and the next? She twirled away from him, more to hide her rush of tears than to seduce him but that was the power she had to entertain him now—and by god, she would use it, to both their benefits. So she unclasped the button of her skirt and shimmied out of the scrap of material. Then, she turned to face him, her hands drifting down her naked curves. “Want a taste of anti-pasti, darling?” She closed her eyes at how desperately she wanted him inside her. “Want to come and see how much I yearn for you?”
She no sooner had the words out of her mouth than he was there, bending her backward in his arms and drenching her skin in kisses, growling in contentment. “I need more,” he ground out and suddenly her world was horizontal as he caught her up in his arms and carried her to the granite island. Cold and hard to her back, the harsh feel of the counter was soon obliterated by the savage feast Sergio made of her breasts. He put her to the island, just high enough to let him have full access to every part of her as his talented tongue laved her in long, forceful swathes. “You are so pink, cara. So sweet.” His tenderness made her arch. He pressed a hand to her stomach and forced her down. “No, you cannot come without me, bella. I need you mad for me.”
“Oh but I am, Sergio. Darling, I am,” she bucked and moaned.
Then he pressed something to her lips. “Sustenance. Eat.” An olive.
She licked it and his fingers, then chewed the morsel. She told him to get her another.
This time, he fed her a grape. And another.
“The wine,” she instructed him and he briefly left her cold and lonely, to pour a glass. He lifted the glass to her lips. “You must taste this brew, my sweet,” he told her. “Next to you, this is my favorite nectar.”
“If you keep on this way,” she told him, chuckling, “we will die of malnutrition.”
“Ah. So wonderful to die with you on my lips and my fingers.”
AND THE COVER IS DELICIOUS, too, don't you agree?

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