Saturday, April 11, 2009

A second bite of my new cherry, MIA DOLCE

With POWER POSITION at #2 yesterday on the best-seller list at, I am thrilled to give you another taste of my newest sweet thing, MIA DOLCE, out in a few days from Ellora's Cave!
Here is your morsel:

"Reggie did take advantage of the offer to roam the house. Naked, the decadent balls rolling inside her and teasing her to maddening delight, she made herself a breakfast of the left-over pasta they had made last night from scratch. The recipe was her own and Sergio had declared he had never had its equal. Taking a piece of chevra goat cheese, she wandered out to the pool but had to pause to feel the power of an orgasm roll over her.
As she sat sunning in the morning breeze absorbing the beauty of the hills of the chianti region, she was fiendishly tempted to masturbate herself to quick fulfillment. But she honored Sergio’s desire that she not touch herself. Grinding her teeth in frustration, she decided to swim a few laps, then relaxed in the hot tub. Over and over, she felt the pulsing of her hot channel and on more than one occasion, she had to put a palm to her pubic bone to groan with the power of her need for his cock. But she was good—and eventually, she needed a new diversion. And the glories of the castle beckoned.
(Copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
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Fran Lee's Romance Blog said...

Delicious bite! delicious cover! it's in my TBB list...