Thursday, May 28, 2009


You've got another date for a luscious interlude and you want to create a new sensation with novel cuisine.
So here's a very different suggestion.
You like Chardonnay? Ah. But the last bottle you bought was too harsh?
Cerise has a way to save it for you...and let you improve it so that you and your Delight will ooo and ahh.
Before The Day, buy a bottle of blackberry cassis. Yes, it costs a bit, but you will have this treat for future opportunities. Make what the Parisians adore at lunch and throughout the afternoon. A kir.
When your Delight arrives, have him pour 2 goblets of your chard, then add 1-2 T. of cassis, to each individual taste, and viola! You have a delightful sipping apertif.
What goes with it?
Bed sheets washed in lime and verbena scent.
That morning, buy a fresh loaf of French bread, a 3 oz. sliced smoked salmon package in the fish department, plus a small, 2-4 oz. goat cheese. The cheese is preferably French, but local will do, especially if you take care to read the kill date and be certain it is fresh!
As you sip and...move...into your conversation, warm your oven (really!) to 450. Cut your bread on the bias to make lovely angular slices. Brush with good olive oil. Toast in the oven till crispy and when it emerges, Ah! Place delicate slices of cheese atop the bread.
It will melt, darlings.
Alternate with slices of salmon.
What else could you possibly need?
Oui! You KNOW!

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Amber Skyze said...

Hmmm, you really know how to set the stage for an afternoon delight!