Thursday, June 4, 2009


Your Delight likes to eat?
Ah, si, si, bella! You therefore must feed him!
Feed all his senses.
Give him an AFTERNOON DELIGHT that will forever brand you in his mind.
Buy a good bottle of rosso de Montalcino. This will cost you $12-$20, but believe me, he will notice how smoothly it goes down.
Just like you, he demands the best.
In the morning, saute 4-6 garlic sliced bulbs in very good olive oil. Let them become transparent, bella, not brown, not crisp. Put them in a lovely serving dish and add more olive oil if you wish, plus cracked pepper and rock salt to taste. And let it sit there on your kitchen counter. What you want is the aroma in the air when he arrives.
Molto bene.
Now,buy a good ciabatta bread that morning. And a young mozzarella, one tomato and fresh basil.
When he arrives, preen when he lifts his nose in the air and inhales the aroma of the garlic and compliments you with kisses everywhere you allow. Quickly, have him open the rosso to let it breathe...while you both get more comfortable.
Then, when you can tear yourself away for a few moment, begin to do the following all the while permitting him to taste the juices from your fingers: arrange the sliced tomato (very thin, bella) on a plate, top with delcious slices of your young sweet cheese, then tear the basil into tiny pieces over top. Then, (very important!) dip your fingertips into the olive oil mixture and drizzle over your mozzarella and tomatoes. Tear the bread with your coated fingers and feed each other.
The rosso tastes good from the glass or your bodies. Soon, it will be gone. And both of you may return to...the office? The store? The meeting you left?
And you go, having had a satisfying meal.
Both of you, sated.


Amber Skyze said...

Mmmmm, sounds like another fun time to try.

Fran Lee Romance said...

Delicious sounding! Your Mia Dolce was a tasty tidbit, too!