Monday, June 15, 2009


Need a little Sunday treat?
Try a bite of my newest from, PARIS EXPOSE:
"Tell me why you are in Paris," Andre pressed closer, inhaling the scent Deanne has pressed to her throat, her nipples and her cunt.
"To become inspired--and courageous," she told him truthfully--and then to show him she was bold, she spread her legs to allow him full access.
He lifted one corner of his handsome mouth, smiling, as he slid his hand quickly to her pussy. And paused. Shock froze his features as he whispered, "Ma cherie, what have you done?"
She smiled at him, proud of herself as she nestled her mound more closely into his hand. "With you, I did not think I would need any clothes."
His eyes drifted closed as his fingers traced her slit. "You need only me to cover your lovely skin." His fingers tangled in her pussy hair and tugged to have her open her thighs wider.

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