Thursday, July 30, 2009


Getting hotter out there, bella.
Today, only a few minutes of cooking for you and your Delight!
In fact, go early to the grocery store where they offer fresh fish. Have them steam one pound of fresh shrimp (not previously frozen!) with a hearty, hearty coating of OLD BAY. Tell them you want them hot hot hot, ma cherie.
Buy 1 lemon and 1 lime, a can of frozen limeade and hopefully, you have on hand at home good tequila or a rum. Mix your limeade, cut up your lemons and limes and add 1half of each type to the pitcher. Add in 2 jiggers of tequila or rum for a nice zing. If you prefer wine to the liquor, you can add to your limeade (mixed to directions on the can), equal parts cava, prosecco, (both bubbly) or a good riesling.
Be sure to set out your shrimp to come to room temperature before your Delight arrives. Why? So that you can peel them easily and feed each other. (A note of caution: Do eat these tasty shrimp after you have both enjoyed each other in your special way. The spice in the Old Bay is so strong that it can burn your skin, long after you have finished dining.)
If you know your Delight is a hard man to satisfy, then do buy 2 pounds of shrimp and/or buy whole wheat crackers for substance. Put your crackers on a cookie tray, brush with good olive oil, dust with dried oregano and garlic salt. Then heat in a 400 degree oven for only 2 minutes! No more! You want them toasty, not burnt!
This is a hearty small meal for those who want to remember the spicy bits of the day long after night has fallen!
(copyright, 2009 Cerise DeLand)

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Fran Lee Romance said...

Hot! Hot! Hot! Yum, girl! I gotta find a guy to go with the yummy food!