Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PARIS EXPOSE, another nibble

Here's a tiny bite of my newest cherry, PARIS EXPOSE (from www.thewilderroses.com )
Clasping her hand in his, he led her from the café out into the Rue DaGuerre and in three more
Steps, through a small unmarked robin’s egg
blue door. Then up the stairs, they went. With his
hand on the knob of the door at the top, Andre faced
her. “This is the first of many places I wish to show
you. In each is a different delight. Only one rule
“Which is?”
“If you wish not to proceed, you may refuse me—
and we will go no further. Agreed?”
Meaning he would honor her choice, but if she
refused, she would lose the chance to make love with
him? Just how courageous are you, Dee? She needed
to learn. “Oui.”
“Bon. You must do this freely or the joy will not
be there. And joy is what we are after, eh?”
She licked her lips, her head spinning with
anticipation—and curiosity.
Inside, the lighting was dim, the walls a soft
silver silk brocade from which light reflected subtly.
Dee followed Andre’s lead and when her eyes
adjusted to the darkness, she halted at the sight
before her. Along the walls were individual recesses
and in each stood a chair, a couch or a chaise longue
and upon each was a couple in various stages of
undress—and love making.