Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ready for another luscious, but good-for-you-and-your-Delight treat?
Today, we are going Middle Eastern.
With a good bottle of wine from Greece (Santorini) or Israel (the Golan Heights), let's try this accompaniement:
Buy a fresh goat cheese, 3-5 oz. Do check the pull date for the freshest on the shelf. Buy one produced locally if you wish, but one from abroad will be more authentic, don't you think? These come with chives, garlic, and so on, but plain is lovely, too.
Buy fresh pita bread. Six pita is more than enough for two!
Then purchase a container of Greek organic yogurt. My container the other day weighed 5.3 oz and was a thick, creamy blend that had just a bit of tang to it.
What to add? Ah.
Buy one cucumber. Then minutes before your Delight arrives, peel it, then halve it, scrape out the seeds if you must, but I leave them in for texture. Then quarter the halves and slice into chunks. Add to your yogurt, along with chopped cilantro. (Yes, you may use a knife on the herbs for this dish, bella, because you will not be giving them too long exposed to the air to brown those lovely curly edges!) Add a dash of cayenne, celery salt and garlic salt.
Serve your pita whole. In the Middle East, they are served whole so that diners can break them apart with their hands. Very sensual then, to be able to feed each other, eh? Put out your feta, cube it if you wish, and serve with toothpicks. Then, put out your cucumber yogurt. All for dipping into with the bread!
White wine from Santorini, chilled overnight, or red from the Golan is superb with this light little repast!
For your air scent, try a verbena. Or some are now made with cucumber scent!!!
(copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)

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Claire Thompson said...

This sounds utterly charming and delicious!~ What a DELIGHTFUL blog this is!
Love, Claire