Thursday, September 24, 2009


PLUG for my newly released HER THREE-WAY MERGER! A menage you need to read!
There, I did it, again!
On to the goodies for your luscious love in the afternoon, si?
Today, we do something to warm you, in addition to your Delight's ingenuity:
Gnocchi with tomatoes and garlic. With a Pinot Gris to bring out the richness of the flavors.
Yes, bella. We must cook today, but I promise you the prep is a quickie. Unlike your interlude, si, we KNOW, which lingers and stimulates.
Yes, well. Back to this business. What do you need at the store?
An Italian Pinot Gris. A good one will begin at approximately $15, and oh so worth it.
You want a box of imported gnocchi. Si, from Italia.
Butter. 2-3 cloves of garlic. (You don't want to overpower the fresh fleshy taste of the potato in these little balls.) And one large tomato.
Before your DELIGHT arrives, boil the gnocchi according to directions. Strain and reserve in a heat-retention serving dish. (Corningware is good! Have aluminuum foil ready to cover this, if you don't have a top for that dish.) Then in a small saute pan, saute in 1T. butter, your garlic until transparent and then add the diced tomato, juice and all! Mix with the gnocchi and keep it warm in low oven until your Delight arrives...and the festivities begin!
Another tiny meal that completes your affaire--and complements your nutrition.
Ciao, bella! Enjoy!
I am off to a family wedding and will not see you until Oct. 8 with another AFTERNOON DELIGHT, but soooooo many of my buddies are coming over to guest blog!
FRAN LEE this Friday and ADELE DUBOIS next Tuesday!
(copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)


Fran Lee said...

Delicious! I will definitely try this one!

Fran Lee said...

I tried it...delicious!