Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another bite of my new cherry, HER THREE-WAY MERGER

Sienna undulated before Cord, her hands cupping the undersides of her breasts and swirling to some soft music in her head. She closed her eyes and shimmied so her breasts bobbed.
He groaned. “Sienna.”
“Shh,” she told him and began to croon a love song she knew asked something about “how long has this been going on?” And as she danced, she thumbed her tender nipples, pointed them toward him and then lifted each in turn to her mouth. Letting her tongue dart out, she titillated the tip of one, then went for the other.
“Sienna, honey.” Cord crawled to the end of the bed like a lion, his cock and balls dangling as he reached for her.
She eluded him. “No, no, sweetie. My show.” And she stood before him, her hands wending their way down her ribs to her waist and tangling in her wet pussy hair, pulling wide her slick labia, spreading her thighs and letting him see her hungry little kitty.
He cursed as she found her own clit.
Fingers of steel clamped around her wrist. “I,” Cord growled, “own this cat.” (Copyright 2009, Cerise DeLand)
Now don’t you need a bigger taste????

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Fran Lee said...

Got a bigger taste! I went out and bought it!