Saturday, November 21, 2009

Musings on turkeys, pirates and what I've learned from my broken wing!

As I relearn how to type with my broken left arm, I will regale you with a few new ideas that have come to me.
NOTE: Some are light, others not. All center on what I will be grateful for next Thursday...but am really thankful for every day.
1. Having only one good arm and hand has given rise to thoughts of those who are physically disabled.
Living close to the US Army's major burn center and rehab unit for amputees here in south Texas, I see out and about many men and women who have given their limbs and risked their lives for us. I often thought the men and women who fought in Vietnam to have been extremely brave--and I saw many of them when my spouse was in the Army and we were stationed in the Orient.
But this new wave of young soldiers seer my heart and mind.
My own disability these past 4 weeks has given me a fresh look at the moment-to-moment choices they must make. How to put that shirt on. How to floss my teeth. (NOT easy!) How to get in and out of the shower, off balance as I am. How to style my hair. Oh,boy, as my buddy Janet Evanovich would say in a Plum novel. I CANNOT lift that hair dryer which I recently bought that weighs, ye, gods, 8 pounds and now feels like 50!
I have even more compassion for these veterans of war and loss and daily challenges. (When we were in the ARmy and abroad, I often had nightmares of being left alone on a battlefield when no one could hear me or come for me, wounded as I was.)
I have even more desire for peaceful solutions to world problems.
We have enough hardships in our day-to-day lives.
2. Turkey. Ah. The bird I hate to wrestle with. But do. Have done.
And now, next Thursday? I am grateful that I...
Yep, MY broken wing means no bird shall sashay into my kitchen!
What will we eat???
Cerise will tell you, my lovely readers who have hungered (I KNOW, I know) for more AFTERNOON DELIGHTS, lo, these past few weeks of my disability.
We will have (with 3 cooks doing the work): (in order of appearance)
Coffee with home made scones. Blueberry. Served with French Quince marmalade and butter.
Then we will meander along, making omelets of cheddar and salmon, green onions and fresh parsley from our herb garden. THIS is accompanied by a tall, tall pitcher of Bloody Marys. I may have one too. My first alcohol in weeks, since I am still on happy pills for the pain.
What next?
Later in the day. Three perhaps. We'll sit down to a crown roast of pork, stuffed with fresh stuffing of thyme and rosemary (from our garden, too!) with porcini mushrooms. Mashed garlic potatoes and a wonderful saute of asparagus with almonds and parmesan.
To go with?
A pinot noir! Hubby loves them from Oregon.
3. My last thought is short and not so sweet. But I did want to register my growing anger at the number of pirates out there of our work. WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE?
This is rape. Theft. Criminal activity.
I am appaulled that we authors and artists of other mediums can work so hard only to have idiots splash our works everywhere and take the money.
OFF with their heads!
Down with pirates!
Ciao, bella.
Write to tell us what are you grateful for!!!!


Julia Barrett said...

Sounds like a yummy Thanksgiving - and unusual - which is good! So sorry about your arm, but having broken mine twice, I can empathize!
Meanwhile, I'm cooking for 30! Arrggghhhh!

Fran Lee said...

Which made my tummy growl with hunger! Gotta go get some food in it!

Cari Quinn said...

Cerise, that's awful about your arm! Hope it heals quick.

I'm grateful that every day is a new day and I can try again. I'm also grateful for my family and friends and BOOKS. ;)