Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Guest author Jean Hart Stewart's new book--a taste

GET READY for a yummy taste of Jean's newest!

Gareth was lost, and knew it. He could practically hear his self-control shattering like a piece of thinnest crystal. Fighting desperately to retain some semblance of restraint, he shuddered as he watched her undress quickly. He wanted to help, but knew he didn’t dare touch her or he might lose what little control he still possessed. He stripped off his own few garments. Then he led her to his bed as fast as he could walk. Strange, he was barefoot and he didn’t limp at all. His Morgana must know plenty about magic herself. He lay her on the bed and followed her down, lying as close beside her as he could. Trembling, he held himself still. He could not, he would not take her as quickly as his rampant body urged. Like entering her in one stroke and claiming her immediately.
Then Morgana reached out one tentative finger and traced a path down his bare arm, leaving little shock waves behind as she caressed his curving muscle. That was more than he could withstand, and Gareth rose over her with a swiftness unexpected from his large frame. He had just enough presence of mind to finger her enticing curls, and found them delightfully wet. She was blessedly ready for him, and he placed his member in her entrance and then started to inch his way in.
Merlin forgive him, this was too sudden. He tried to stop, or at least slow down.
Morgana didn’t help matters by seizing his hips and urging him on. He groaned and then surrendered to the irrepressible desire shaking them both and plunged himself to her core. A few strokes later he covered her lips with his, ecstatic to know she was with him all the way, as he groaned and then swallowed both their cries of delight.
They climaxed together with an ecstasy even greater than their last joining.
Although their breathing calmed, he did not move from her body. He did prop himself up in his elbows, but didn’t withdraw from the precious link they still shared. He’d like to stay in her perfect body forever.
“How are you, my dearest love? I know I went much too fast, but I couldn’t seem to help myself. It seems I’ve wanted you too much, and for too long.”
She brushed back the lock of dark hair inevitably drooping over his eyes. Always unruly, now it was simply doing what it wanted, as it dropped right back down.
“Don’t move yet, Gareth. It’s so right to have you there. You fill me completely. Do you think I’m a wanton for liking this? I certainly feel like one.”
“If so, I want you stay this way. I love wicked wenches.”
She swatted at him and then her eyes grew even rounder. Her fingers grew bolder, and she traced his nipples in sensuous circles. Suddenly she stopped.
“Gareth, I can feel you growing inside me again. Is this normal?”
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