Thursday, January 28, 2010


Hello, my lovelies!
As we come to Valentine's Day, I want to be certain you have something divine to offer your Afternoon Delight when he arrives on the 14th!

My first thought? New lingerie.

Visit your local boutique or your favorite store and feast your eyes on the delectables there!

You could go for the red and white...or why not PINK? Hot, blushing pink! Bubble gum pink. Soft, precious pink.

Or cream. Black seems to be so yesterday.

And raspberry really gets me worked up. Purple too!

Try some of the new items made of bamboo! I bought a few pieces of lingerie made from bamboo recently and the brush of the fabric against your skin is velvet seduction. Try it. I have not found any for men...yet. But you can bet when I do. AH! Viola! My man will have some.

Now to the goodies to serve!

I am going to give you a few yummies form which to choose.

As ever, I keep it simple, healthy...and memorable!

Try some sliced smoked salmon...with 12 year old Scotch! Accompany this with whole wheat crackers and perhaps a hearty cheese, like Stilton.

Want something more...smooth?

Try VERY good tequila with a guacamole dip of cubed avocado, green onion and tomato. HEAT your chips to go with that. Sprinkle on some cayenne (no salt) as you remove from the oven. Muy Caliente!

Or go for wonderful French Armangnac with fresh goat cheese and toasted slices of French bread. Do brush your slices with olive oil and crushed fresh garlic.

These are all finger foods to add to your delights by nibbling and licking your fingertips clean.

Happy Romance Day, my lovelies!
Hearty happy eating!
AND on February 23, I have a new book debuting. FALLING FAST is tale about a bronc buster who meets his match in Texas!
Come back for the cover, video and excerpts!


Amber Skyze said...

Nice to see the afternoon delights back, Cerise!

Congrats on the pending new release. :)

Fran Lee said...

Please let us know if you are all right. Love, Fran