Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LAID BARE is out today

LAID BARE is out today! Have a nibble of my newest cherry!
Tate Ryder (HER THREE-WAY MERGER) has a big problem: the woman he craves doesn’t know he’s alive. Until one night after a party at his Houston condo, he sees Anna Stevens attacked by a thug. To help her is his first thought. To save her for himself is a close second. So he carries her away on his yacht down to Mexico where he discovers she has wanted him for years~and thinks she must never have him. Tate is not a man to be deterred, especially when it is lush, sexy Anna who has drifted through his dreams. As they show each other that passion is only a prelude to love, can Tate help her find her nameless enemies? And can they both save for themselves a mind-blowing passion that must bind them together for all time?
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And yes, this is the sequel to HER THREE-WAY MERGER, a ménage, also at EC!
“You are so lovely. These,” Tate murmured as he licked one areola, “are so perfect. I’ve stayed awake so many nights wanting these in my hands and my mouth.”
She clutched at his massive shoulders as he sent his hand down her waist, over the flat of her stomach to peel down the flimsy thong and sink his hand over her pounding, needy pussy.
“Oh, god,” he groaned and shuddered as his hot palm cupped her labia and paused there. “You’re bare.”
She caught her breath. “Do you like me?”
“Oh, baby. How could I not?” He groaned. “But oh god, I’ve got to go slowly and discover everything about you.”
She made a sound of joy. Nothing in the world compared to the delight of his fingers sliding between her labia and sinking into her folds.
He growled and lifted her and took two steps to lay her out on his bed. Cool air rushed over her skin as he stood over her, his gaze wide and greedy as he looked his fill.
She put her arms out for him to display as much of herself as she could for his enjoyment.
His gaze raked her from head to toe, her nipples beading, her cunt flowing with new cream. Any remaining anxiety fled as she watched him strip himself of his shirt. His broad, golden shoulders gleamed with perspiration. His pecs rippled as he flexed. His hips were sculpted, lean cords of sinew that curved down to his groin, where his penis stood boldly erect. Full, red with a hard blue tip, his cock was huge and everything she imaged it would be. She moaned, wanting that inside her. Needing him, she breathed hard in impatience as he opened a dresser drawer, removed a string of condoms and in one move, tore open a packet, and in another, rolled the latex down his long shaft.
He put a knee to the mattress, another between her thighs, hovering over her like a muscular jungle cat. Her big red lion, she mused in some vague and sensuous fantasy. Primal now too, she arched up to him, her arms reaching for his shoulders. He seized her head and kissed her like a madman. Furiously, he took her lips in one kiss after another.
Just as she began to rub her breasts against his, he caught her hands, pushed them to her side against the bed and began to lavish kisses down her throat to her cleavage, her nipples and her navel. Sinking between her legs, he pressed his mouth to her inner thigh and licked the hollow with a reverence that drove her nuts.
“Lick my pussy,” she pleaded. “I need to feel your mouth there.”
Copyright 2010, Cerise DeLand ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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