Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jury Duty, Civic Duty

Monday I am called to Jury Duty.
My civic duty.
I hate the time away from my computer. (MORE than that, I hate the fact I have to rise at dawn to make the bus to the courthouse.)
But I must say, part of me WANTS A CASE!
I served on a jury in a criminal case over a decade ago--and that puppy went on for over 5 weeks. I adored serving. I learned so much. And yes, because I was writing fiction then, as I do now, I could use what I learned and did. Not the facts of that case, no, no. Not ethical--and not even interesting enough for fiction. It was a case, however, of intellectual property theft.
But the basics, I got.
Have you ever served? Did you get any positives out of it? Aside from the good feeling that you did your duty?

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Amber Skyze said...

The only time I've been called was for a statutory rape case and I had two young daughters at the time so they didn't want me.
I felt cheated. I wanted to serve.
DH served just last week. Very short - two days.
Maybe you'll get something good.