Thursday, April 29, 2010

Off to have fun with Cowboys, plural, this weekend!

Yes, I live deep in the heart of Texas.
And yes, I see Cowboys--real, rhinestone and drugstore--every day. Most are real, you might imagine because of where I live, but this weekend I join the owners, staff and writers of Wild Rose Press at the Silver Spur Ranch in Bandera, Texas for rodeo, roping, horseback riding, gun club and grub. ( )
If I have internet access, (always a big question in the Hill Country) I will post for you the sights and sounds of real Texas men in their natural habitat. (Note here: nigh unto every Texas man is a cowboy in one way or another.)
Yes, ma'am.
Big white Stetson hats. (White this time of year because tomorrow the weather man says it will be 90 here. oh, boy.)
Skin-licious jeans.
Big shoulders. It is all that roping and branding going on, doncha know.
And a plug here for MY COWBOYS, all written from experience of various sorts with Texas men, she said with an ahem. And I have a recommendation for you to go read my novel, FALLING FAST over at Resplendence. ( )This hero is a rodeo manager and former bronc buster.
Then in November at Total-e-bound, I have TWO Texas cowboys comin' at you in ONE TOUGH HOMBRE (a Texas Ranger, slurp!) and HARD DRIVIN' MAN (a ranch owner).
I have lived in Texas for alllmoooost 15 years now and learned a lot, for a city slicker gal. Laughed a lot, too. And let me tell you, the humor of Texans is incomparable. They tell the best jokes and most of them are clean! In this day and age, who can do that any longer?
Only good Texas men, deep in the heart of....

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