Thursday, June 10, 2010

AFTERNOON DELIGHTS! I'm workin' it, baby!

Seattle is for rain, damn good scotch (Macallen 18 year old) for the chill, hot food and luscious ways to dine amid the gentle rain.
I bring you a bit of Rain City, where I recently spent 12 50-degree-ish days (brrr to this Texan) with this delightful recipe.
Served as an appetizer, this with a salad and a bottle of prosecco, became lunch for two!
What do you need?
2 bosc pears (yes, those brownish ones)
gorgonzola, dolce (if you can get it, if not use the regular)
great crusty bread that you can slice easily on the bias
wonderful olive oil
rosemary or thyme (fresh, do pull the tiny leaves off)
What to do?
Ah, bella! Easy.
Drizzle about 8 slices of your bread with good olive oil. Place in 425 degree oven for 2 minutes.
Remove and coat with gorgonzola. Yes, it will begin to melt.
Slice your pears very, very thinly. Drizzle honey on top. Sprinkle rosemary or thyme. And pop back in the oven until your pears look soft and delicious. 10 minutes, perhaps?
Remove. Add a tad more honey if it appears dry.
Serve with a crisp prosecco, or perhaps a pinot grigio. Even Cava will add delight!
Your fingers will be sticky. Hmm, what to do? Lick them clean?
Ciao, Bella!