Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Desiree Holt Does IT AGAIN!

A BIG TEXAS WELCOME to my buddy and mentor in this e-pub biz, Desiree Holt!
She's got a new one out, EAGLE's RUN, the first of the TEXAS PASSIONS trilogy over at EC with Regina Carlysle and Cindy Spencer Pape. I KNOW you are going to love them all.
And here is a taste of talented D(ear) H(eart's) newest:
Her father was murdered by an unknown killer. Now Leah Morgan, the half-Comanche daughter of the owner of White Eagle Ranch, is faced with his unsolved murder, as well as two illegitimate half brothers who have each been left a share of the ranch. If not for Shane Duffy, the hot-looking, hot-blooded veterinarian, she’d be falling apart completely.
As she fights to retain control of the ranch and considers her heritage, Leah finds comfort in long nights of sweaty sex with Shane. And then there’s Grant Fallon, the geologist who wants to show Leah he can bring her more screaming orgasms than the hunky vet if she’ll just give him a chance.
But someone has an ulterior motive. Is it Shane? Grant? One of her half brothers? Leah might find the answer…if she’s not too busy chasing away the shadows in the arms of her lover.
SOUND GOOD? You bet. Now have a big sample:
(Copyright 2010, Desiree Holt. All rights reserved.)

Long ago Ken had taught her the secret art of horse whispering—a special way of talking to horses that no one else could handle. Leah had always planned to start a business and make the ranch a place where people from all over the world could send their horses for her to work with. How could she do that with two so-called partners who would probably second-guess her every move.
She should have paid more attention to the dream. Should have told her grandfather about it. The fear of its meaning still hadn’t left her and maybe it was time to let her grandfather interpret it. She opened her mouth to say something when she heard a deep male voice behind her.
“What’s not your problem, sweetheart? Or should I keep my mouth shut?”
Leah hadn’t heard the back door open or close, or the thump of booted feet on the tile that announced Shane Duffy’s arrival. She hauled in a deep breath and let it out slowly, then turned to look at him. Despite the anger roiling inside her, one sight of him and the heat that always blossomed around them filled the air. Just his presence seemed to center her.
Sunlight shafting in through the kitchen window lit arrows of gold in his thick brown hair and chicory eyes, the sight of him making her heart race as it always did. She wanted to throw herself into his arms, beat her fists against his chest, rail against the situation and have him tell her everything would be fine. Haul his rangy body upstairs to the still unmade bed, tear their clothes off, and beg him to fuck her until all of this just faded away.
But she was acutely aware, as she knew Shane was, of Ken Nightwalker watching them with his hawk’s eyes. Although he commented little about it, Leah knew her grandfather was fully aware of her relationship with Shane and had given it his resultant yet tacit approval. Shane, for his part, always went out of his way to show his respect for the old man.
Now he enfolded her in his arms in a natural gesture and kissed her forehead, stroking her back. In a flashback of vivid clarity she suddenly remembered the day he’d walked into her barn, wearing that crooked grin.
“Hi,” he’d said. “I’m Shane. The new vet. I expect to be spending a lot of time here.”
The electricity that had sizzled and snapped between them there in the midst of whickering horses had rocked her. She was by nature a passionate woman, a fervor that she kept ruthlessly under control. Maybe it was her grandfather’s teachings of personal discipline and self respect but indiscriminate sex wasn’t something she indulged in. Whatever the reason, she held herself aloof from most men who came into her life, choosing her lovers very carefully. But the thing between her and Shane had only built in its intensity whenever they were in the same room. Leah couldn’t ever remember a man affecting her that way.
At first she’d been determined to ignore the tug at her hormones, and she felt Shane throwing up all his defenses at the same time. But their restraint and good intentions had lasted barely a week, until the late afternoon he’d caught her coming out of the Appaloosa’s stall, bumping against him until a piece of straw wouldn’t fit between them. An explosion of heat had consumed them like an unstoppable fireball."
Need to know more about Desiree?
Well then.
Desiree Holt has lived a life of excitement that brings the color to her writing. She was a summer fishing guide, a summer field hand where she was one of only three women working, a member of a beginning ski team that skied in competition (and no, no broken bones!). She spent several years in the music business representing every kind of artist from country singer to heavy metal rock bands. For several years she also ran her own public relations agency handling any client that interested her. She is twice a finalist for an EPIC E-Book Award, a nominee for a Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, winner of the first 5 Heart Sweetheart of the Year Award at The Romance Studio, and is published by four different houses. Romance Junkies said of her work: “Desiree Holt is the most amazing erotica author of our time and each story is more fulfilling then the last.”

You can find her at http://www.desireeholt.com/ and http://www.desireeholttellsall.com/
AND NEWS FLASH! Do watch for the first of a romantic thriller series by Desiree and me, soon to debut at EC! The first one comes perhaps in August, UNTIL THE DAWN! The second is in progress, UNTIL MIDNIGHT!
Ciao, Bella!


Book Junkie said...

OMG! This sounds amazing!!! Just added to my TBR!

Congrats on the new release!


Desiree Holt said...

Hey Brande
Thanks so much. And a huge thanks to the lovely Cerise for having me here today.

Katalina Leon said...

Hello Desiree! You are one busy author! There's sure to be a lot of happy readers this summer! Best wishes to you and Cerise with all your new projects.

Tessie Bradford said...

Hi Desiree - I can't wait to read this!!

Regina Carlysle said...

Hey Darlings...both Des and Cerise!!!! Can't tell you how excited I am that Des has kicked off this series. As always, she is just a blast to work with.

Regina Carlysle said...

What has it been? Four collaborations now? WOW...time flies when you're having FUN.

Darah Lace said...

Love the new do! Looks great on you! And of course the book sounds hot and steamy! A must buy for my Desiree Holt collection! You rock!

Desiree Holt said...

Thank you all so very much for your great comments. Hi, Tessie, good to see you here! Hey Regina, Darah, and everyone. And hey to Latalina, too.