Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LORD STANHOPE debuts today at Resplendence!

Regencies have remained popular over the decades that romances have shot to the top of many women's reading lists.
The reasons?
Some say it the era that begins the modern sensibilities. Where women acquired more freedoms, fewer petticoats, no wigs and were entitled to an education...albeit one in the more sedate classics. Others say it is a terribly romantic period in which men (at least the upper crust) courted women with deference and humor.
Others argue these things are not true, never were. For the majority of women, I would estimate they are correct.
Women were still subject to rigidities of dress, manner, education and social mobility that today, we still break through with more zeal than rapid success. As an example, in corporations, women still earn less than their male counterparts.
But sigh, in Regency romances, we get to forget all that and enjoy the delicate mannerisms and ponderings of women so similar to Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters.
Lord Stanhope, his brothers and one sister, Clarice, will attest to the challenges of falling in love and marrying. Indeed, the entire Stanhope family has long been cursed from ever enjoying marital bliss. They unfortunately had an ancestor whose wife was enticed by Charles II to become his mistress...and thus ended the happiest of unions. Presaging as it did the rest of the clan's terrible attempts at happiness, the curse is so powerful that none of the Stanhopes ever expect to love or be loved in return.
I do hope you will join me as we peek in on them, one by one, and see if they can resolve this damnable issue.
Lord Stanhope debuts today at http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/ LORD STANHOPE'S IMPROPER PROPOSAL.

His sister, Clarice, finds a totally new way to satisfy her longing for a few good men in a FREE READ, date tba in July, in LADY RAMSEY's RIBALD CHOICES.

Their brother, Wes, poor man is currently off in Spain about to fight with Wellington in the Battle of Talavera. Do return to learn the nature of his extraordinary encounter with a young lady who has as much courage as this dashing cavalry officer. (LADY FEATHERSTONE'S FERVENT AFFAIR, August 8.)

Their oldest brother, Jack, leads a devilish fine life and has no idea he will encounter his finest challenge in November in MISS DARLING'S INDECENT OFFER.

And the surprise to all of them will be one more man who appears in February, 2011, THE BASTARD'S PRECIOUS PRIZE.

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