Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nicole Austin's WOW WEEK with TEMPESTUOUS!

Need more Tempestuous? Of course you do!
To spike your appetite, read how Nicole decided to write this one!
"Imagine this if you will. Its early morning and you are a night person who hasn’t had your first cup of coffee yet. You’re standing in the breakfast buffet line of a hotel when an acquaintance you know is a Dominant comes up behind you and whispers in your ear, “We have an open spot tonight. You want in?”
The “oh holy crap” chorus echoing in your head comes along with a vivid slideshow of what a Dom could possibly mean when offering you a spot. Sometimes having an imaginative mind is a curse. Needless to say, a caffeine jolt is not longer needed because you are now wide awake.
This actually happened to me a couple of years ago. So what was he offering? Two friends and I were invited to visit a private BDSM club with the Dom and his sub. We even got to check the place out before it opened for the night. Score!
The inspiration for Tempestuous came from that club visit. In fact, much of Evie’s trip to the club was my own walk on the wild side. Fire flogging, whips, canes, violet wands, wax play, knives…oh yeah! All that and more. Unfortunately for me there was no Niko, I didn’t get spanked and it was just the one night. One of the most amazing, thrilling, exciting nights of my life."
And today's excerpt from this finger-licking novel?
(copyright 2010 Nicole Austin)
Her vow of silence took a flying leap out the window. “You wouldn’t!”
He didn’t have to respond. She looked in his eyes and saw the truth. He would. Evie strained against the bonds in earnest. That paddle was going to hurt.
“Cain. Oh God. Please, Cain. Stop him before this goes too—”
Air whistled through the holes in the paddle a split second before it collided with her bared bottom. She yelped, more out of insult than anything else, and dropped her head. Her hair covered her face, allowing Evie to relax her expression and take stock.
Hmm…not horrible. There had been the jarring impact, the embarrassing jiggling of her fleshy ass, but none of the sharp pain she’d anticipated. Maybe this whole spanking thing wouldn’t be so bad after all.
The sting came a moment later. Wicked burning tendrils spread from her offended ass cheek and shot to every nerve ending. Evie had no time or breath to scream and curse the evil bastard as the next three blows landed in rapid succession.
Again, she felt the initial thud and had those few seconds of gritting her teeth and waiting for the heated blast to hit. When it did, whoo-damn!
Her ass was on fire.
She briefly entertained the idea that he had lit the paddle on fire as they had the flogger in Master S and Sir Cain’s earlier demonstration. She dismissed the idea as heat spread flash-fire quick and pooled in her pussy. Moisture gushed from her slit. Before she became conscious of the movement, she flexed her thighs, lifting her ass for each swat as much as the restraints allowed.
She needed something, anything, inside her to relieve the empty ache. To hell with the witnesses or what they thought of her. Screw worrying about useless feelings of shame.
Evie had the insane impulse to scream out, “Thank you, Sir. May I have another?” Thank goodness she somehow managed to bite back the challenge. The last thing she wanted was to egg him on any further and prolong the torture of being restricted. She had to get free to get off. Even if only by her own fingers with them all watching. She didn’t care how. When—that’s what mattered.
Something was happening to her, a shifting deep within. The extreme sexual desire Niko pulled out of her with seemingly little effort blurred any pain. By itself, each profound sensation had a concentrated effect. As arousal and pain intermingled they changed into something else. Some inexplicable new phenomenon her body desperately craved.
In her current predicament such complex thought went beyond her ability to absorb. Evie filed the information away for later, when time and distance would allow her to scrutinize the concept and understand.
She lost count of how many times Niko swatted her bottom. When he set aside the paddle, calloused palms rubbed over sensitive flesh and Evie’s entire body clenched. Her swollen clit pulsed and the walls of her pussy spasmed. All the signs of impending orgasm were there, which was insane.
Getting off from being spanked?
I’m a perverted freak!
Freak or not, holding back the immense orgasm headed straight for her took every ounce of self-control she could muster.
Breathe slow, think of other things. Mundane things. She thought of boring chores such as doing laundry. Or her most dreaded task, going to the dentist. She was convinced all dentists were sadomasochists. Evil bastards!
She prayed Niko didn’t notice how close to the edge he’d driven her. Not until they could get somewhere private. Evie forced her muscles to go limp and waited to be released, sighing in relief when he stopped rubbing her offended bottom. Okay, without him touching her, a slim chance existed that she’d get out of this without losing all control and dignity.
Two thick fingers slid beneath the edge of her panties to tease sodden flesh and the battle was all but over.
“So hot and wet, moy kotik.”
Leave it to the arrogant jerk to not only notice but to broadcast the information to everyone else. Evie wished a hole would open up in the floor and swallow her.
“You took your punishment very well and deserve a reward.”
NO! Nonononono! Don’t do it. Don’t even think it.
Oblivious to her internal pleas, Niko’s fingers thrust into her pussy, stretching her, providing the fullness she longed for. His fingertips hit an amazing spot her previous lovers had not managed to find and she teetered on the edge, hanging on by her fingernails.
“I-I can’t.” She lacked the strength to explain. She would never be able to meet the gaze of anyone in the room if he made her come in front of them. Orgasms were too private and intimate to be shared with strangers. Evie fought against the building pleasure tooth and nail.
“No. S-Sir, please.”
Her begging fell on deaf ears. Niko’s thumb pushed down on her clit. He didn’t move it—didn’t have to. The pressure was more than enough to shove her over the precipice.
His command sealed her fate.
“Come for me, Evie. Come now."
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Regina Carlysle said...

OMG Nic, you are such a naughty girl. LOL. What? You didn't want to do the cane thingy???? Hey, I have this book and I can't wait to read it.

Nicole Austin said...

LOL! The cane thingy...ouch! I did stand with my back to a Dom while he flicked my hair and clothes with a whip. Got one light tap on the back with the whip. Yowza, pain is definitely not my thing.