Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tempestuous debuts tomorrow at EC!

Tempestuous has been a wild ride, no?
It debuts tomorrow at so do go over and enjoy the full delights of this great book!
Here is more from Nicole Austin: (copyright 2010, Nicole Austin)
"The warmth of his body engulfed her as Niko removed the restraints. He set her left wrist free, rubbed it to get the circulation moving and in an unexpected tender move, placed a kiss on her inner wrist before moving to the other one.
She was thankful he held her close—uncertain her rubbery legs would support her. Then Niko removed the blindfold. She blinked, adjusting to the dim lighting again, her gaze focusing on his handsome face. A girl could get used to the wonderful sight, easily losing herself in him.
“Niko.” There was no holding back the weighty whisper full of emotion.
“Shh, moy kotik.” He held her face in his hands, dark eyes piercing straight into her soul making her head swim. Niko brought his mouth down on hers, taking her. Sharp teeth nipped at her lower lip and the moment she opened, his tongue thrust inside.
He controlled the kiss, took complete ownership, demanded she respond. And respond she did. Evie melted faster than chocolate on a hot summer day. While she found the kiss stunning, the way he held her, tilted her head where he wanted, turned her blood to molten lava. She was shocked by how much the dominant kiss made her yearn for more. Everything narrowed down to his soft yet firm lips moving over hers and the slide of their tongues. Niko kissed her thoroughly, erasing memories of any other.
“Oh my God. Master Niko’s here,” a feminine voice squealed.
Evie pulled back, gasping for air, and glanced toward the group of women rushing toward them. The giggly women dropped at his feet—ignoring the fact he still held Evie in his arms—and fawned all over Niko, each talking over top of the other to be heard.
“It’s been so long, Sir.”
“We’ve missed you so much, Master Niko.”
“No one else can master us like you can, Sir.”
Oh, barf! Give me a break! Evie’s stomach rolled.
Didn’t it figure he’d have an adoring throng of gorgeous subs convinced the arrogant jerk was every bit as wonderful as he seemed to believe himself. Women anxious to be his love slaves and kneel at his feet. The miserable bitches.
She tried to pull free of his hold only to have Niko’s grasp tighten. He didn’t even glance down at his adoring harem when he spoke. Instead his intense focus remained on her. “I am busy tonight, ladies. Go to Tina and she will find a Dom to punish you for interrupting me.”
Their faces fell as the women apologized. They moved away looking sullen and dejected. If she were a bigger person, Evie would feel sympathy for them, but she didn’t. She had lost the ability to think and process emotion with the full power of his attention directed at her.
God, the way he looked at her. Niko didn’t see the others moving around the room and shedding their clothes or hear the moans and screams as scenes played out. Every ounce of his focus held her immobile and made her head spin drunkenly.
The thought of having his extreme concentration solely on her while tied up in his bed turned her bones and muscle to putty, ready to be shaped by his skillful hands.
“Come, Evie. Let’s get a drink and mingle.”
Jealousy over the bevy of beauties turned into anger with his imperious attitude and the ridiculous emotions. Why the hell should she feel envious over him? Why did her knees tremble from the weight of his stare? She would not be his little pet or act the brainless bimbo as the harem did. Not gonna happen.
Evie patted his shoulder, making a valiant effort to ignore the ripple of corded muscle beneath her fingers. “You go on, Sir.” The title came out on an exaggerated hiss. “Catch up with the harem. I’m going to check out the toys Master S and Sir Cain are showing the others.”
“No.” He held firm. “I won’t let you run scared.”
Scared? Uh-uh.
“Excuse me?”
“Excuse me…what? You know by now the respectful address I require. And questioning your Dom in this way is unwise.”
Why, of all the egotistical, overbearing—
“Kiss my ass!”
Oh shit. That just slipped out. Not good. Damn her temper.
Someone gasped. Evie’s head snapped around to see several people close by. Great, she’d cussed at a Dom before an audience. He would be forced to do…something. Hell, by showing such blatant disrespect she was asking for a spanking.
Crap, crap, crap!
Sure she’d fantasized about spankings, imagined how it would feel, if the heated sting would turn her on. Still, intentionally provoking a Dom. That was way out of character. She hadn’t done that on purpose, had she?
One look at Niko’s hard expression told her she’d more than crossed a line but he’d have to get over it. Her backbone stiffened. “I am not a sub. I won’t fall down, kiss your feet and beg forgiveness from the great and mighty Niko. I am only observing tonight.”
Maybe Cain would save her? She searched the growing crowd but she didn’t see him. “I’m under Sir Cain’s protection,” she tossed out for good measure.
Evie made another futile attempt to escape his grasp as her mind frantically cast about for a way out of the mess she’d gotten herself into.
Damn mouth always gets the better of me! Why the hell had she provoked him, poked a stick at the rattlesnake?
“Master Niko.” Tina spoke, drawing everyone’s attention. “Shall I prepare a spanking bench in the other room or would you prefer something here in the dungeon?”
Spanking? Or one of the very scary devices right out of a medieval torture chamber?
Oh holy crap!

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Nicole Austin said...

Yay, Tempestuous is on the Ellora's Cave home page. WOOHOO! #20 for me. And this book makes it even more exciting because of the research trip I took. Oh my indeed!