Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Switching genres, keeping it fresh.

With 3 books coming out in August (2 historicals and 1 contemporary), I know that switching genres is how I keep my brain firing on all cylinders.
I read WIDELY. (see sidebar called Books I've read lately)
So writing widely comes naturally.
I started in this biz writing 1st person gothics. You know, the lady running from the monster/villain/crazy woman in the tower.
Then I moved to medievals and Victorians. Straight historical romances, 3rd person. Won a few awards there and earned enough $$$ to put 2 kids through private high school and college!
Long about that time, I wrote with a partner and we did not only mainstream but a Victorian mystery series. We won a few awards and lots of kudos.
Finally, I said, okay now I want to do contemporary mystery. Those books became FEATURED ALTERNATES of The Mystery Guild, a few others, and got rave reviews!
All of that? In print. Under another name.
Cerise is into romantica. In a big way. And loving the biz model of e-publishing. Witness I have 3 books coming out in AUGUST! (LADY FEATHERSTONE (Resplendence) , FOR HER HONOUR (Total-E-Bound) & WHENEVER WE MEET (EC))
The book cover above?
My 8.11.10 release from
LADY FEATHERSTONE is a hoyden. If you like Regencies, you may adore her!
Ciao, bella!


Regina Carlysle said...

Funny, I just blogged about this yesterday. Great minds. LOL. And yes, I do believe switching genres is a good idea and keeps our minds working on all cylinders. It MIGHT throw our readers off a bit if they are used to something else from us but the 'voice' is the same, isn't it? I loooove erotic regencies. Congrats on this one!

Amber Skyze said...

After writing a dozen contemporary erotica, I tried M/M. I enjoyed it so much I take a break to write them. It helps clear my mind.

Congrats on all the pending releases! :)

susan said...

I just saw where I won Power Position ebook and yes you can send it to Thanks susan L.