Thursday, August 5, 2010

LAID BARE gets dynamite review at Night Owl!

LAID BARE is a Top Pick over at Night Owl Reviews!

Party time!

I love it when a reviewer gives you (positive) words you can repeat!

Here is the final paragraph on my romantic suspense LAID BARE from their site:

"Tate and Anna are two people determined to find love no matter at what the cost. I loved that Anna is a person lost in the world but determined to make a life. The action in the book was great for you never know who are the ones after Anna. Now Tate I liked somewhat for here is a guy who knows what he wants yet is confused about love. He's had many women but Anna just blows him away. This is the first I have read from Cerise and she definitely knows suspense and action. Laid Bare was definitely an awesome book and fast-paced till the end. It had it all passion, suspense, and betrayal but most of all two people determined to find love even if it mean tearing them apart. Loved it."
THANK YOU NIGHT OWL!!! Go read all of it at:

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