Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So many great reviews! WHENEVER WE MEET & LORD STANHOPE are on a roll

Yesterday, LORD STANHOPE got a smashingly great review from NIGHT OWL and today, WHENEVER WE MEET got one from Happily Ever After Reviews.
May I indulge and share with you and then send you to he sites for the full monty?
Please, permit me. (She danced in joy.)
From Night Owl, for LORD STANHOPE's IMPROPER PROPOSAL ( ), we get:

"This novella showcases the best of regency romance! Adam Stanhope is a bachelor at heart. Felice is a woman ahead of her time. Together, they work well together, when given the chance. I liked how they pushed the comfort zones of each other both in and outside of the bedroom.

The mysterious "Miss Proper" added a great depth to the novella, giving both motivations for the characters as well as conflict. Also, the Stanhope family "curse", where the men are unable to be happy in love, adds a bit of intrigue. Although the curse is played up repeatedly, generally this plot device does not benefit the story much except giving Adam excuses for his bad behavior.

I really enjoyed Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal and the novella is everything a great regency romance should be: hot, intriguing, and the epitome of not stuffy. This novella begins a new quintet of stories and I eagerly look forward to the next additions! Definitely give this one a try."
And this morning we get 5 Cups of Tea for WHENEVER WE MEET over at Happily Ever After! ( )

Here's your nibble of that review:
"This is one of those stories you just have to tell your friends about. I absolutely loved this book! Author Cerise Deland’s characters are realistic and the storyline offers great dialogue.
Angela Reynolds is a 27 year old, widowed woman from Seattle, Washington. She accepts an offer to become head decorator for hotel magnate Stephen Montoya’s new hotel chain. She is chosen over two of her colleagues when they fail to please him. Stephen Montoya is a 38 year old alpha male. He’s suave, sophisticated and secure in his own skin and he wants Angela for more than her decorating skills.
The chemistry between Angela and Stephen sizzles from the beginning. Angela is reluctant to become involved in an affair with Stephen, and after she advises him of this fact he offers her a challenge:
“Every time you enter the same room with me you must do two things.”
“You will kiss me hello”
“And kiss me goodbye.”
Wow! What a challenge! I loved the way it started and ended with these two. “Whenever We Meet” is a novella that has it all, romance, great dialogue and hot and steamy sex.
I look forward to reading more books by Cerise DeLand and recommend you give this book a try. "
5 Tea Cups! (which for some odd reason are not showing up here! boo.)


Regina Carlysle said...

Kudos on the great reviews!!! But then I'm not at all surprised.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

oh you are sweet. THANKS, sweetie!