Thursday, August 19, 2010

WHENEVER WE MEET--thoughts on Mexican men & locations for novels

WHENEVER WE MEET (out tomorrow at is the result of many delightful vacations in Mexico. At one time, my significant other and I even had plans to build a house there and live in the ex pat community.
Reality struck and said, hey, it's a bit of a trek, kiddo, to all you know! Like libraries and bookstores! Family! Friends! And so here we remain in Texas.
BUT before 9/11 when the travel was much easier across the border--and before the cartels made life hell for the border towns on both sides of the Rio, we often went south to Neuvo Laredo and beyond. Often to Cancun, the coastline cities and the joys of gloriously beautiful Guadalajara.
WHENEVER WE MEET is my ode to the glories of Mexican men. Strong. Handsome. Charismatic. Enthralling.
See if Stephen Montoya fits your idea of a compelling lover. He certainly does for me!


Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the new release..this sounds delicious!

Kathy Kulig said...

Oh looks like a great read. I love Mexico! Good luck with your new release and many sales.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Amber and Kathy, Thank you for the good wishes. The cover JUST kills me! The innerds ain't bad, either, she said with humility.

Tracy Cooper-Posey said...

I adore Latino men!

I'll have to pick up your book, Cerise!

I'm in the middle of writing my own series featuring hot Hispanic men, too -- the GUNS 'N LOVERS series. But I set mine in a fictional island nation called Vistaria off the coast of Mexico. It's romantic suspense -- a political thriller, so the hunky heroes get to rescue the heroines and be...well, heroic!

Good luck with your book -- best wishes for mega sales! I'm off to pick up a copy right now!


Tracy Cooper-Posey said...

PS: May I add that two of my series are already available? RED LEOPARD and BLACK HEART. BLUE KNIGHT will be out shortly -- date to be announced.

Desiree Holt said...

You can send him my way anytime! And huge congrats on the release. I know it will be as mouthwatering as everything else you write.

Lyla Sinclair said...

My Nude Spanish Guitarist thinks you're completely right about Latin men--haha!

There really is something about the combination of passion and attentiveness that's irresistible!