Thursday, September 16, 2010

Like James Bond? Covert Affairs? Burn Notice?

Get a kick out of James Bond?
Like Covert Affairs?
How about Burn Notice?
You'll love Desiree Holt's and my new erotic thriller series, Nemesis. UNTIL THE DAWN is the first, debuting tomorrow at Ellora's Cave .
Write and tell us who you favorite covert operator is!
Meanwhile, here is a nibble for you of our very special ops:
“Talk to me, Maddie.” His harsh gravel voice was uncharacteristically sweet, but very rational. “What worries you?”
“I don’t do things like this.” She knew she repeated herself but she had to emphasize it especially when she now knew she planned to spend all night with him in her bed. Him deep inside her, deeper than he had been. Going deeper still, far up into her heart. And that last was her greatest fear. Her unique adventure.
He waited, a mellow smile broadening his handsome lips.
“I don’t invite men here to make love to me,” she told him with a serenity that came with knowing she was about to strip naked and enjoy this man as she had no other. “I don’t invite staff to make love to me.”
He stood, a statue, listening, watching, waiting to give her all the time she needed to reveal her trepidations. “And?”
“I don’t make love with men who have reputations to make.”
“Like me?”
She nodded, as he wrestled for a fleeting moment with an expression of insult that had crossed his face. But then she said, “I don’t make love mindlessly.”
His mouth softened as he whispered, “Like you did with me?”
Once more, she nodded, and boldly stated, “I don’t make love often.”
He smiled, a sweet parting of his manly mouth, a tender caress of his gaze over her body. “Like you will with me?”
“Yes,” she breathed. “Oh, yes.”
“Well, then,” he came away from the wall, taking small sure steps toward her as he spoke. “You need to hear that I don’t make love to my bosses.”
She snorted, pleased, thrilled that he realized what she needed here was some reciprocity to put them on sound footing. “Your resumé says you’ve had only four.”
He nodded. “The first two were men.” He winked. “Not my style.”
She grinned now.
He took another step toward her. “The next two were women. Not my type.”
She beamed at him.
Another step had him taking her hands in his. “I don’t make love to women I don’t care about.”
She inhaled sharply.
He raised her hands to kiss each of her fingertips in turn. “I’ve outgrown the one-night stands, Maddie. The quick lays that leave you feeling like a cave man.” He pressed both her palms to his cheeks and his torso to hers. “I want a relationship that means something bigger. With one woman. With brains.” He smoothed her hair. “And beauty.” He kissed her eyelids. “And a body.” He cupped her ass and pushed her groin to his. “And a passion for me.”
She wound her arms around his massive shoulders and pressed her breasts against his solid chest. “I think you’ve got her.”
(copyright 21010, Cerise DeLand & Desiree Holt. All rights reserved.)


Debra Glass said...

Oh tense!!! He's smooth all right. I love a dangerous man who makes promises he keeps. :-)

Beautiful cover!!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Thank you, Debra! And you oughtaa know because all your heroes do, too!