Thursday, October 14, 2010

4.5 Cherries for HARD DRIVIN' MAN!

Delighted to run part of the dynamite review of HARD DRIVIN' MAN from Whipped Cream yesterday!


"When I read the blurb for Hard Drivin’ Man I was totally drawn in. Jessie Hardwick grew up and quickly married the man she thought was her prince charming. Life has a way of turning a stud into a dud and a play mate into the perfect mate. No, this isn’t a paranormal tale where two fated lovers find and connect for their happily ever after. This is the story of two very real characters that deal with heartache and loss to find the love they never thought possible.

"Don’t pull out the tissue just yet, though. Ms. DeLand doesn’t put the reader through all the grief that Jessie and Trey endure but you empathize with them nonetheless when they open up to one another. There is a lot of heart and emotion in this little short story. You start the journey with Jessie and then are allowed to glimpse the need that Trey has to show Jessie how much he loves her. It was a total AHHHH moment. There is also some great dialogue about “plowing fields” and “zucchini”. You won’t want to miss it!!

"I was really impressed by how much story there really was packed into fifty-one pages. Ms. DeLand has a true talent for creating and telling a fictional story but giving it life outside the pages. I hurt for both Jessie and Trey and rejoiced when they were able to overcome the past to allow for a future. I highly recommend Hard Drivin’ Man for anyone that dreams of the “what ifs” and then gives fate a free hand."
Thank you, Whipped Cream! And reviewer, Honeysuckle!

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Amber Skyze said...

Congrats on the great review! It was fabulous to meet you in person.