Thursday, October 7, 2010

Welcome guest author, Tea Trelawny!

Sex and Fantasy

Sex and fantasy have always gone together but today’s erotic romance authors sometimes take it a step further: deep into the realm of the ancient fairytale. They go where the prowess of an elfin warrior goes far beyond his ability with a bow and arrow, firing straight into the heart—and other parts—of his lady love. They go where a princess uses more than her heart of gold to tempt her prince.

But do grown women truly enjoy that kind of story? Do they really want to think about Cinderella and her prince ‘getting it on’ under the sheets? Do they want to read about a man whose manhood is restored when he’s possessed by an ancient Welsh warrior?

Absolutely! Especially when such explicit stories maintain their one absolutely essential element: love. Erotic romances are written as something more than simple sex tales. They are stories of love and romance, served with an extra-large helping of explicit detail. They have a happily-ever-after, whether the lovers come from the same species or not.

I present for Exhibit A my own recent erotic fantasy romance Wood-Lovin’ Nymph. This short book brings a fairytale being to life in modern day Central Park. While New York City is generally known for its let’s-get-down-to-business attitude, there’s always been a spark of magic in the metropolis as well. Readers will discover that spark when they meet Arianna, a wood nymph who wants to live up to her species’ reputation as sexual beings, but she wants to make love with only one man. That man is NYPD Detective Rick Ballentine, a down-to-earth guy who would never believe in fairies. Not, that is, until he sees one in the flesh.

And I mean ‘in the flesh’ in the purest sense of the phrase. Once Arianna gets her man inside her oak tree, clothing vanishes and lust is indulged on both sides. Here’s a short excerpt to illustrate what I mean. Warning: the following scene is not quite X-rated, but it’s much hotter than an R.

(Copyright 2010, Tea Trelawny. All rights reserved.)

“Kiss me,” she whispered and captured his face between her hands. Willingly, he shifted his hungry mouth to hers. Her appetite matched his as she nibbled and lapped at his lips and teeth and tongue. He gave back, aware of every inch of her nakedness against him. Suddenly his clothes were strangling him. He wanted to be naked, too. He wanted to feel her warm flesh against his. He wanted to tangle his bare legs with hers and press himself into her.

Almost as soon as the thought entered his mind, his clothing vanished. Surprised and delighted, he lifted his mouth from hers.

“Did you just read my mind?” he asked, gazing down at her.

“I read your body,” she answered with a husky voice. Her eyes glittered like gold dust. “You seemed to be having trouble catching your breath so I thought your clothes were constricting you.”

He smiled. “I like that you can read my body.”

“Please read mine,” she said. “With your hands.”

“Glad to.”

Rick straddled her upper thighs and sat up. He gazed down at the feast spread before him and need surged into his cock.

“I’ll start here,” he said, reaching out to brush one thumb across her lower lip. Ariana responded by nipping at his thumb with her perfect little teeth.

“Your other hand is supposed to be reading, too,” she said with a wicked grin.

“You’re right. Can’t let it get lazy now, can we?” Rick placed his other hand on the pulse point on one side of her neck. Slowly he traced his fingertips toward her collarbone. His other hand matched his movements on her other side as he finger-read her upper chest to her shoulders.

“Mmm,” she moaned. “That feels good.”

“How about this?” He continued to stroke down the outside of her arms to her elbows. He watched her flesh prickle up along the trail of his fingers then he caressed a path down to her wrists. Her hands, lying on the bed, opened, her fingers unfurling like the petals of a flower. He continued the gentle tickling to the center of her palms and then stroked upward along the inner flesh of her arms. The flesh of her breasts prickled, too, and her nipples hardened even more. The sight made his mouth water as she closed her eyes and arched toward him.

A large portion of the rest of the book carries their relationship much farther, and details it every step of the way. That’s what makes it an erotic romance. It allows the characters—and readers—to explore a romantic sexual fantasy in story form. It’s a ‘quickie’ between the pages of a book, whether that book is digital or paper. It’s harmless fun that often encourages women—and even men—to stretch their own romantic fantasy wings. It’s fun, it’s safe, and it’s healthy. And it’s waiting for you inside a story.

Wood-Lovin’ Nymph by Téa Trelawny is available at


Loretta said...

Good mornin' Tea!

I enjoyed your post very much:)...some of my stories drift toward "hot" too, so it was nice to read another gal pal's work that does a little side-step also:)

I liked the portion where she was reading his body...that was such an empathic choice of wording, and I found it very seductive:)

It sounds like a wonderful read:)

Loretta Wheeler

Teri Thackston said...

Thanks, Loretta, for your kind words. It's always nice to 'hear' comments from fellow writers.

Teri Thackston said...

LOL...I just outed myself! Yes, Teri Thackston writes as Tea Trelawny!

Loretta said...

LOL...I've given up Tea...lowering my head and whispering(Teri):)(Blatant scene stealing from The Middle)

I out myself all the time!:) Decided to have my cards printed with both names, one side says one thing, the back another:)

I just tell people to flip them to the side they want to talk to and she'll appear!


Ciara Gold said...

Teri, this looks like a fun read. Having read some of your past work, I know it's an awesome read. Thanks for sharing a bit about it and wetting our appetite. (pun intended - grin)

Lynn Lorenz said...

Having read Wood Lovin' Nymph, I have to tell everyone how cute and hot this book is.

There were so many parts where I truly wanted to be a wood nymph!

And Tea/Teri definitely knows how to make the reader suspend belief!!

Great interview!

Teri Thackston said...

Thanks, ladies! Wood-Lovin' Nymph was a fun book to write. Having visited NYC once and walked through Central Park, I can say that it does seem like a magical place. There are areas where I can believe 'unusual' characters might really hang out. :)