Sunday, December 5, 2010

#7 on Medieval Best-seller list!

FOR HER HONOUR has hit the Top 10 Medieval Best-seller list at!
Actually it is #7 !
For those who loved the recent Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe (a recommendation) and for those who have rented the BBC series of the same name (which was funny, anachronistic yet superbly realistic) and for those who, in general, despise that old despicable King John, here is your novel!
Was John as bad as legend says?
Whom did he hurt most?
Especially widows, he abused by confiscating their lands, forcing them to marry against their wills, even taxing them highly to marry again.
FOR HER HONOUR recounts some of that.
I currently work on the 3rd in this SWORDS OF PASSION trilogy, starring 3 knights who fought with King Richard in Jerusalem and who come home to confront his younger ignoble brother, John.


GladysMP said...

Congratulations on the Top 10 ranking! That has to be an early Christmas present and well- deserved.

She said...

I loved the BBC version of Robin Hood. It was funny but so good. Couldn't wait for Saturday nights. I had a great medieval history professor and love that period of time and the influence it still has on us.

Christine H said...

I'm here for the contests Hope I'm posting in the right spot! lol

Thanks again for the contest!!