Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gifts we gave this year that WE LOVE!

Gifts my husband and I gave this year that we truly adored were two, with the expectation to give a third.

We gave a teenage girl in Kenya tuition for her last 3 years of high school. Yes, we did this through a non-profit and we did it in memory and honor of our oldest son who died in January and who would have gotten a kick out of this. The $900.00 was certainly an amount we would have spent on him, and now we spend it to give a young girl a chance to improve her life.

The other was a gift to FIRST BOOK, a non-profit that buys books for disadvantaged children. With more than 1/3 of the homeless people in America being children, their chances of having a book of their own to cherish is small. This organization buys books for children. Go visit and donate in any amount to

The gift we will give again this year is to Pathways to Housing , also a non-profit, whose mission is to provide housing, stability and social counseling to those in our country who suffer from dual diagnoses, usually some mental impairment and one of more addictions. I urge you to look them up on line to see if one is in your city. For our son who had a brain injury from an auto accident and secondary drug addiction, this group helped make his life more livable, productive and happy. When he died, he was stable, drug free, and very happy. All of this was because of their marvelous professional attention and knowledge. Their philosophy is that a person who has a home of his or her own has a safe environment they know they can go to each night. This alone stabilizes much of their thinking, aids in saving them from desperation and motivates them to continue to live with a sense of pride and self-achievement.
Merry Holidays! May they be healthy, safe and happy.
Ciao, bella!


Katalina Leon said...

Cerise, what beautiful gifts to share with the world. Your son would be so proud, and that young woman will be grateful and no doubt pass your gift on to another some day.
May these blessings be returned to you with interest.

Amber Skyze said...

How beautiful, Cerise.
We donated new books to a literacy charity. It's something my youngest and I do every year and we made more donations to the NICU where our son was born. After spending a week there, we realized how much they need. We always want the other parents who are going through tough times to have what the need.
Your son would be so proud of you.

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Kat, and Amber, Thank you for giving, too, to wonderful charities where others less fortunate than we can benefit.
Happy New Year to you both--and to all out there. We need a new year of new thinking and peace!

Regina Carlysle said...

What wonderful things to do, Cerise!