Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Lingerie? Bellefleur, Seattle and Soma. New sexy feeling, New titles, New Year

New lingerie from Santa?
I am a woman of a certain age, and I adore silky, well fitting lingerie.
I love a bra that fits my body, not Victoria's Secret's bodies, et al.
I like the new no-line panties. The seamless ones. Butt floss is ouuuuuuuuiiiiiiiee, not for moi.
One of the blogs I follow regularly is one that belongs to a FABULOUS lingerie shop that I discovered when last I was in Seattle with my daughter shopping and (Yeah, well, you need lingerie All the Time, don't you?)
Where is this delightful shop?
If you live in Seattle, lucky you. You need to go visit, breathe the air, feel the fabrics from Paris and Italy. Take your check book and allow yourself to spend at least $100. If you happen to know someone who is in need of sophisticated, seductive bedroom silkies or who is getting married and you need a gift, wow. You will not be sorry. And they will love your terrific taste.
(No. I do not know the owners and I don't get any payment from them.) If you live anywhere else but the greater northwest, treat yourself to a wonderful few minutes on line and go feast on their words and their choices.

Where else can you go? I love the marvelous new bras at Soma's, the division of Chico's. Yes, they are pricey, but oh so worth it. They wear well. Wash well. No drying in the drier, you know, but still heaven to wear. You look good. They FIT you like skin. If you don't know how to size yourself, do go on line and learn or go to a lingerie shop or Soma's where they will fit you. You. The experience is one you will adore. Daily.
Why, I muse, do I love great lingerie AND pajamas that are soft, cool or warm (think the new bamboo fabric) and just luscious to the touch?
Cuz I feel put together. YOU KNOW what I mean. I feel like I belong to my body and my body to me. Not some chick in a mag with hips the size of which I have not seen on me since before my first child, natural delivery, thanks.

Meanwhile, I hope you like my new covers! My lingerie, if you will, for the New Year! A hunky Best Man (coming up in a quartet with Desiree Holt and Allie Standifer and me called WEDDING BELLES, out in January!), a former spy (#2 in Desiree Holt's and my UNTIL series of romantic thrillers Feb 25) and then a sheriff, date TBD, but soon!
There is a new Regency,#4 in my Stanhope Challenge series, that I just typed The End to yesterday. The Bastard--yep that's the title--debuts Feb. 2!
Happy Holidays. Be healthy, smart and safe.


Elizabeth Pina said...

I too am a certain age, lol, and many people may be appalled that I even know how to spell lingerie ;-)

But I love it. I am very curvy (give me plunge please!) but do fit into most Victoria's Secrets stuff. I too appreciate anything seamless and if it compresses my excess a little I love it even more! It makes me feel more attractive even if I'm the only one that will see it.

For those *special* occasions I go to Wicked Temptations (blush). I'm going to look for those bras you mention but if anyone knows of a nice place in Houston then please tell me!

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

Good for you to treat yourself well. Those of us who are curvy do need something well constructed. And sexy.
The wonderful thing is that those garments that are like that may cost more but they wear well and last so much longer.
Meanwhile, we have smiles on our faces.