Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I often wondered about this part of the tradition. Something Borrowed...for luck? Anyone have any ideas? I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR IT!
But here for you, is a nibble of Desiree's version of BORROWED and I guarantee you, it is probably not like anything you've read before!
THIS debuts tomorrow at www.jasminejade.com and the other two--SOMETHING OLD & SOMETHING NEW--are already available for purchase.
Here is Desiree's thought on Something Borrowed's meaning:
It’s tradition for a bride to have “something borrowed” at her wedding. A symbol of good luck. But what of the “borrowed” is a person? Someone from the bride’s past who is giving her one last sendoff? Zoe Fortunato has one foot in the past and one in the present and an itch she just has to scratch. But will groom-to-be Brad be as happy with things as she is?
I loved writing about Zoe because she is so human, so vulnerable…and so in love with her husband. She’s about to take a big step and she wonders if this will destroy her future. I love vulnerable women…but also the men who love them!
Your nibble: (copyright 2011, Desiree Holt)

Somehow she managed to get through dinner, unexpectedly enjoying herself despite the tension running through her. She was so pleased that so many of their friends and relatives were able to come from out of town and to join them. And if she wanted a distraction, watching her mother and Scott was plenty of entertainment. Her mother was still a young, vibrant, desirable woman. Zoe knew she and Scott were attracted to each other and she hoped they wouldn’t let the age difference keep them from following through on it.

Finally the dinner was at an end. People came by to wish her and Brad well and tell them they’d see them the next day at the wedding.

“You go straight up to your suite, honey,” Raine told her when nearly everyone had left. “I’ll see you first thing in the morning tomorrow around noon with coffee and we’ll get ready for the big event.”

“You have fun tonight,” Zoe whispered to her.

“We’ll see.” Raine hugged her. “See you in the morning.”

“You know tradition says we’re not supposed to see each other tonight,” Brad said when they were in the elevator riding up to their floor.

“I know.” She slipped her hand into his. “But we’re not exactly traditionalists, are we?”

And maybe not in some other things. A little spice in their vanilla.

“Not in this. Come on.”

He led her to the door of his suite, slid his key card into the slot and pushed the door open. As soon as they were inside Brad tossed the card onto a table and stripped off his jacket and tie.

“Okay.” He turned to Zoe. “First things first. Something’s on your mind and nothing’s going to happen until you tell me what it is.”


Amber Skyze said...

Oh boy, this is sure to sizzle!

Congrats ladies. :)

Delicious Romance From Cerise DeLand said...

THANKS< AMBER! I liked Desiree's take on this!