Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue!

I've been so many weddings where the happiest people were the bride and groom. I know that is right, but I often look out over the sea of faces and find not too many happy others!
With a divorce rates that tells us half of all marriages end, I suppose it is likely to see some expressionless faces in the crowd.
But I wonder if, by marrying later in age, or with more education, any of that will change?
What do you think?
Here for your dancing pleasure is a peek at my own SOMETHING NEW, the 2nd in the WEDDING BELLES series by Allie Standifer, Desiree Holt and me!
The first, OLD by Allie, debuts tomorrow!
Mine comes Friday and Desiree's BORROWED on Jan. 19.
Stay turned for the 4th, BLUE, date TBD but so much fun!
NEW: copyright 2011, Cerise DeLand.
Raine Fortunato tells herself that the mother of the bride should not drool over the younger hunky best man. Buff, blond vagabond Scott McCoy should not be the something new she yearns for.
But Scott sees his opportunity. Enticing slinky, sexy Raine to get wet and wild with him needs to happen. ASAP. The night before the wedding. So when he offers her the key to his room and she risks unlocking her craziest fantasies about him, she discovers in his arms earth-shattering climaxes and soul-searing intimacy.
Time now for Raine to decide if something new can be something more.
Need a nibble?

The clock on the lobby wall was headed for midnight by the time Raine came through. The gardens of the Republic of Texas Hotel resembled a mini-Versailles and she had wandered in the maze for far too long.

She stood before the elevator, tapping her toe in anxiety. When the doors swished open and she marched in, she looked at herself in the mirrored walls. The shoulder-length red hair, the dark green eyes, the body she worked super hard to keep in shape. Didn’t this woman deserve to take what she wanted? Especially since the desire was mutual?

When the doors slid open again, Raine took the card key from her purse and began her hunt for 510. Around to the left and down the hall, she searched for the room. The hotel was filled with her extended friends and family. Raine was grateful no one was out at this hour to see her go to her rendezvous. She sighed in relief when she saw that all was quiet.

She stood there a minute, smoothed her palm over her hip, put the card in the slot and...

A wild screeching siren rent the air.

What the hell is that?

She stared up and looked around.

The door in front of her opened.

So did her mouth.

Scott stood there, bare chest, bare feet, tanned and beaming from ear-to-ear.

She heard yells. Doors opening.

The two doors in back of her disgorged people. People who said, “What is that?” “Oh, shit!” “At this hour of the night?” “Darlin’, where are my briefs?” “Is that a fire alarm?”

“Scott?” she beseeched him, engulfed by hotel guests in pjs and shock.

He reached one long muscular arm out, grabbed her hand and pulled her inside. “Oh, honey!” He pressed her to the wall and slammed the door shut. “I thought you weren’t coming. I was crazy.” His hands were in her hair, his body warm and hard, his lips sweet as they spoke on hers. “Thank god.”

“Scott,” she murmured, so enthralled by the little kisses he bestowed on her mouth and her throat that she could barely breathe, let alone think. “The place is on fire!”

“Tell me about it.” He was chuckling as his fingers took her evening bag from her and put it on the hall table.

She grinned, arching into his big warm hands as he molded her to him, breasts to chest, pussy to cock. “But the hotel—”

“Forget the hotel, baby. I’m burning up. You will be, too, in a minute.”

She moaned as he found the side zipper to her gown and slid it down, tooth by agonizing tooth. “The place will burn down!”

“Mmm. I know it will.”

“They’ll find us in here.”

“I know they will.” He pulled her forward.

She tossed her hair and widened her eyes at him. “We’ll be burnt to a crisp.”

He continued backward to his sitting room. “Damn right, we will.”

“You really don’t care?”

“That some drunk fool tripped the alarm?”

“I really shouldn’t laugh.”

“Laugh, baby. Giggle. Scream. Do one. Do all. Do whatever comes naturally.”

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