Thursday, January 13, 2011

TODAY you can get in the spirit of SOMETHING NEW

Have you been in a wedding that was unique?
Or attended one that was?
I have seen so many variations over the years and I adore the ones that are different...and not necessarily lavish. In fact, the ones that were Over The Top, seemed somehow...impersonal.
I loved the one we went to that was a cruise. A small party. Frills provided by the staff. To a venue that the Bride and Groom adored.
Another that was totally done by the bride and groom including the mugs with their picture on them, the tiny boxes of jasmine tea that both drink and exclaim about to others. The ones with the excellent wine service and the other with an open bar of beers from around the world. The one that had a big Texas flavor to it. BBQ. Beans. Okay, so maybe not your cuppa, but it was grand really. And the band? DANCEABLE! (Is that a word? But you get me.)
What has been your fave?
Do tell!
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Desiree Holt said...

Okay, my favorite wedding? My daughter chose to get married in a park, in Florida. It was set up beautifully, the day was perfect and the vows her husband wrote brought tears to my eyes. Oh, wait, that's my second favorite wedding. The first is mine!