Monday, February 7, 2011

7 Days to prep for your Valentine. Day 1 Recipe

Getting ready for your Valentine? Want to make it memorable? Feed him (her) very well? Let him drink the best?
For those who would rather stay IN to celebrate, I have a few recipes for you, 1 a day for the next 7! Not difficult. Very scrumptious.
First up, dessert, of course, because your Valentine has a sweet tooth? For you? For chocolate? And you are many things, but never a cook?
Made with 4 ingredients and a microwave.
In about 20 minutes.
1 bag of caramels (14 oz.)
1 bag of chocolate chips (14 oz.)*
1 8 oz. can of condensed milk
2 sticks, yes, 1/2 lb. of real butter. (no subs.)
MIX it all up in a microwave proof bowl.
Melt together on HIGH at 2 minute intervals for a total of 12-14 minutes. Or until all caramels are melted and chips, too.
Remove from micro. Stir for a few minutes to ensure all lumps are gone and all luscious butter is integrated to the sauce.
Cool at and to room temperature.
Then ladle into a glass jar, Corningware container or plastic container. (put a spoon in there before you pour the hot liquid in--or it will shatter!)
You are ready to buy fantastic ice cream to go with!
Perhaps, you might want delicate little cookies for dipping into that sauce, too. Shortbread or lemon drops. Nothing iced as you must heat the sauce a bit and the icing would drop off your cookies. Or perhaps you would like the crumbs about. Whatever you wish, bella!
*If you want to make this a tad more heart healthy, buy the dark chocolate chips. OMG. You will not be sorry.
And you will have sauce for lots of other things besides the ice cream. (Wiggling brows, here.)
Tomorrow, another easy, fast, decadent indulgence for the Day of Your Lover!


Katalina Leon said...

Yum, thank you Cerise!

Fran Lee said...

OMG! Sheer decadence! I put this one in my special recipes file, girl!