Friday, February 11, 2011

Fast finger food for Valentine's

No time to prep?
I understand.
Try this recipe for happy times on Monday:
Buy at the store:
20 large shrimp, fresh, in shells (Buy the size 16-20)
large jar of bbq sauce
small jar of mango chipolte sauce
1/2 pound bacon
Then, just before happy hour:
peel the shrimp
cook the bacon to 1/2 done
mix 1/3 c. of bbq sauce with 3 T. chipolte and add chili flakes and cayenne to taste! (Not too much or you will DIE!)
Cut bacon strips in half, wrap around shrimp and put on skewers
Cook on medium heat on grill. Baste with sauce.
Save half of the sauce for dipping.
Filling, too.
With good beer, yummy.

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