Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I came, I saw, I ate, I drank. Napa at its best.

My husband and I plus our son and daughter-in-law visited Napa California for a week long journey among the vineyards. We enjoyed ourselves tremendously and ate our way through many course luncheons and dinners with superb wines.
In one 5 star restuarant, FISH STORY, we had their wine on tap. Intriguing idea, no?
Another marvelous restaurant we dined in was BOUCHON, which was like going to Paris. French concierge--and marvelous French onion soup, included.
I do have a pix of that and will try to get it up here!
Another we would recommend is RUTHERFORD GRILL where their Texas ribs do rival ours here in San Antonio.
For Italian, we had late lunch one day at BOTTEGA. The bread alone and the freshly pressed olive oil could make your day.
Above pictures in order are: Gates to LUNA Vineyards. The cellars for the reserve of ROBERT MONDAVI, whose tours are superb for the education and the wine analysis afterward. Finally, a vineyard. Mondavi's, I would say.
Summary in stats?
Visited 11 wineries.
Did 3 full tours of wineries. (Learned a lot while sipping.)
Joined 3 wine clubs. (Yeah, well, a girl has to have the best, does she not?)
Ate at 5 star restaurants for lunch and dinner for more than 7 days AND DID NOT gain an ounce. (How is that possible? NO clue, Dear Reader. NO CLUE.)
Froze in the 30 degree weather, which even they in Napa declared was unusual.
SPENT buckets of $$$.
Got tons of material for a new story. What is it? No clue on that, either. Still pondering that one!
In the meantime, here are a few pix for you of the gorgeous wine country.


Amber Skyze said...

Sounds like a fun time. 3 wine clubs seems appropriate to me. :)

Kate Hill said...

The trip sounded like a lot of fun, Cerise. Thanks for posting pictures too!