Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More food for the soul of your Valentine

Are you a vegetarian?
I have a recipe I love. Spanish. Easy. Fast. A meal all by itself. Made in large frying pan.
What to buy?
1 lb. potatoes
8 eggs
1 large onion
Olive oil--approx. 1/4 c.
The secret to success with this dish is to thinly slice the potatoes and the onion. If you have a slicer, you are in better shape than if you slice by hand.
Heat your skillet on medium high heat, then add oil and your slices of potato and onion. Cook the veggies until they begin to brown.
Beat eggs, add salt and pepper, and add to your veggies in frying pan.
Let eggs gently cook (about 20 minutes) and set all around your veggies and hopefully (!!!) you will be able to flip the entire thing so that you get a marvelous crust on the top, too.
Serve hot with all your other goodies. French bread? Salsa?
Perhaps add a nice Rioja from Spain!

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